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Letter From the Editor

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Fall always brings a lot of excitement to Fort McMurray. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of getting the kids back to school, or the return of everyone to our city after some fabulous summer vacations.

This summer, I was lucky to travel to a lot of amazing destinations. Like many others, I spent a few days in Las Vegas and then Lake Tahoe celebrating the nuptials of two very good friends – now the very happily married Justine and Nikolas Lyons. I spent two glorious weeks in August in Random Island and Clarenville, Newfoundland with Jason and time was well spent with family and friends getting ready for our own wedding which is happening in August 2014. It was great to take Jason’s two amazing kids, Madison and Jayden, out on my Uncle Melvin’s and Aunt Loretta’s boat on a trip to my Pop Kelly’s cabin in Deer Harbour. Since the food fishery was open and tradition stayed alive with the beautiful boats scattered all over the harbours! Rick and Uncle Jim’s fish and chips sure make the food fishery worthwhile, too!

The highlight and surprise trip for me this summer, however, was the 48 magical hours I spent in Denver, Colorado. In June, the Fort McMurray Airport hosted myself and some other fabulous folks on the first United Airlines flight from YMM to Denver, Colorado. Denver is truly a fabulous city – very walkable, bright with arts and culture, and alive with history and sports. Learn more about Denver and the very exciting inaugural flights in our feature cover story on page 22.

This issue marks the final issue in our inaugural year since the start of YMM last November. Beginning this November, Volume 2 will bring issues to you every two months, which will give you even more stories, fun, laughter, and news on what’s happening in our region.

Love and laughter,

Krista Balsom
Twitter: @kellybalsom
Twitter: @ymm_magazine


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