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Letter From The Editor - Let’s Play Ball!

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One of the oldest sentiments in sport is this classic phrase that brings about so much emotion and excitement in the young and old at heart. This is no exception for Fort McMurray as there are all sorts of ball being played! What gets me so excited for this summer is it’s the second season of the new Fort McMurray Giants baseball franchise - our very own team in the Western Major Baseball League. Every time I look out at the field down at the Shell Place Baseball Stadium, the little girl in me remembers playing tons of softball in summer camp and on our own little field down the road that we created every summer with my friends.

Baseball really is an accessible sport - not complicated to understand and feels like a game for everyone. With the excitement over Canada’s own Toronto Blue Jays and their success in recent years, it seems extra exciting to have our own team, led by passionate community leader Dutche Iannetti. Last summer, my family had the privilege of billeting one of the first Giants players from California - Conyal Coady. It was a joy being part of a baseball team in that way and we treasured cheering on our own player every game. I also had the good luck to spend a lot of time at the stadium with my other media colleagues. Big shout outs to Jennifer and Jerry Neville, Brad Karp and Taylor Pope - give them all a wave this summer as they continue their great work with the Giants.

You can learn more about the Giants in our cover story on page 15. I highly recommend you grab some tickets for your family, which are super affordable by the way, and head down and enjoy the game on one of our beautiful hot summer days!

There are plenty of other great sports and recreation happening in Fort McMurray this summer too. This issue of YMM is filled with more information on other things you can do this summer to get active and involved. 

Get outside and enjoy our long and beautiful summer days!


Go Giants Go!


Krista Balsom



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