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Letter From The Editor

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Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my mom. Sure, that is true from a physical, biological perspective, but it’s so much more than that. My mother, Pauline Kelley, is a true force that has guided me throughout my life, more than she probably ever realized. She was very young when I was born, and I know that shaped so much of both her own life, and my own. She instilled in me a strong work ethic, unwavering loyalty to family, and now I can finally say - a passion for a clean and tidy house (she’s still in shock over this one).

Five years ago when I had the dream to start this magazine, Mom immediately said, “How can I help?” From day one, she has been by my side, and not just with some mom-like support, but as a member of the team. She has worked from the beginning for this publication and Balsom Communications as our Chief Financial Officer and Accounts Manager. We couldn’t have done it without her dedication, tenacity and strong-willed spirit and determination. It’s not always easy to work with family, and often family-run businesses can struggle with relationships; but not ours. We have made it work; we are now stronger because of it, and it’s because of her unwavering faith in me, and me being lucky enough that my dreams are actually hers, too.

As this is our “YMM Gives Back” edition, I know that the person I have the most to give back to is my mom. On April 13th, this fantastic lady is turning 50 years old. I’m so proud of her accomplishments and the life that she has led, and I know that while it wasn’t always easy, and often times it was incredibly hard for her, she has showed the strength to make it through and always be there for my brother Josh and me.

I dedicate every issue of YMM to her, but I will use this one to say a very Happy Birthday Mom. May you spend the next decades of your life worrying about your own dreams, and less about mine and Josh’s. Know that we’ll be by your side helping yours come true, too.

I love you, Mom, and in your honour I say a cheers to all the phenomenal mothers out there! It’s not an easy job, but you all are making a difference, just like mine does.


P.S. Mom please don’t be too mad for this little, very public, birthday tribute!


Krista Balsom






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