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Letter from the Editor

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Rebuilding. That word holds a lot of different emotions for the residents of our region this fall. It means literally four walls and a foundation before winter frost to some. It means painfully waiting to find out if you are able to rebuild in areas such as Waterways for others. It means finding new hope and fostering a renewed commitment to our city after feeling such gratitude for those that saved so much and wanting to give back. And for some it means reconnecting with family and rebuilding a sense of “new normal” in the months ahead. 

For my family and I, we’ve been focused on helping wherever and when we can, and getting into a new rhythm of school, work and play. Luckily, at the end of the summer months we were given the opportunity to go on a family holiday road trip and was it ever needed! It was really important for us to take some down time and relax together as a family and visit some relatives. For us, the best way to do that is to go camping. There is nothing better than relaxing and living a simpler life. We got to experience the beauty in the Rocky Mountains in Jasper, live lake life in Cultus Lake and Kelowna, BC and also the northern interior of British Columbia to visit my brother Joshua in the Prince George area. It was in Prince George, camping just west of the city at Vivian Lake Resort, that I got my personal renewed sense of optimism and hope. 

It’s a simple story, but it had an impact on me. There were two young boys, Dominic and Mike, with a large wagon, who went campsite to campsite every weekend selling locally grown vegetables from their Grandfather’s farm down the road. Truly a farm-to-picnic table mobile farmers market. It was pure brilliance and such young entrepreneurship it gave me a sense of joy. Simple ingenuity, and completely their own idea too! They invited us to tour the farm and learn all about their operation. I was proud to have met them, and even better - our dinner that night sure was delicious!  I look forward to hearing all about their continued success - maybe even franchising out to other campsites nearby! If only we were all so ambitious and clever so young! So thanks to you boys - you helped in my personal rebuilding story this summer. 

This issue of YMM is dedicated to everyone who is rebuilding - whatever rebuilding means to you. Know that you’ve got a city behind you, even when it doesn’t feel that way, waiting to help and be there for you in the years to come. Together, we are stronger and I hope that the stories in this magazine help capture a chapter in Fort McMurray’s history as we pick up and take the next steps in our collective future.


Krista Balsom

@kellybalsom @ymm_magazine


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