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Letter From The Editor

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In Fort McMurray, we’re lucky to have a very large, and dynamic theatre scene with incredible talent, dedication and creativity. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge theatre junkie. I’ve loved it my whole life - but mostly from the sidelines cheering on the brave people who dare to put their hearts and souls out on the stage for the audience. 

I’ve had a few opportunities to act myself, in high school productions of Grease and The Diary of Anne Frank and then again at Keyano Theatre in Les Miserables and Hometown… The Musical!, but generally you’ll find me at opening night anticipating the joy of being entertained by live theatre. All of those experiences have been life-changing and I truly love the adrenaline and challenge theatre provides. 

The Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre is the epicentre of theatre in Fort McMurray and thrills audiences each year with four main-stage shows, as well as many more second stage shows throughout the year. While most of the acting is done by local, community volunteers, the production staff are all truly professional, and I would add, of a “Broadway” caliber. They are all led by the formidable and inspiring Alan Roberts, who oozes passion and excitement. We’re lucky to have them. We must not forget about the other arts centres and organizations in town including the Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts, MacDonald Island Park, Full Moon Cafe, Theatre Just Because, and so many more. Constance Scarlett and the entire team at the Wood Buffalo Arts Council also need to be applauded for their dedication to supporting the arts community and building awareness and advancement for not just theatre, but all forms of arts and culture. 

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout-out to our cover star - Diana Moser - starring as Sally Bowles in Cabaret - the #1 show in the Keyano Theatre history (as noted on page 12). Not only is she a great friend, she’s an incredible volunteer and community leader who strives to give it her all in every single performance. 

This issue celebrates the people who work tirelessly to provide entertainment and shed light on issues, make you laugh, make you cry and most of all - create an experience you’ll never forget.

Krista Balsom

Email Krista at with any feedback or ideas for future issues.


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