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Letter From The Editor

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All pile in...

I remember this phrase being written on an old wooden sign in my grandparents cabin in Terra Nova, Newfoundland. It was a saying that certainly came to be very meaningful, as my Nan (Hilda Blanche Balsom) lived that philosophy in everything she did. There were never too many family members, too many friends that became family and an abundance of beautiful people that filled our lives with music, love and laughter. She taught me to be fiercely loyal (I truly believe this to be her greatest gift), and to love unconditionally through even the toughest of times. Very sadly, my beautiful Nan, HB, passed away this fall after a short, but tough, fight with cancer. With her family and friends around her, she kept her optimism, stubbornness and love for family throughout the entire battle. 

Growing up, everyone said I was just like her, and for that I’m proud. So proud in fact, and so sad at our great loss, we have decided to dedicate this anniversary issue of YMM to her. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her influence and support. We’re celebrating three years of stories about our fantastic community and region and heading into Volume 4 with a sense of optimism for the future of not just this magazine, but the city of Fort McMurray. This issue of YMM celebrates some of the people who make up the fabric of our community - enjoy this special look inside their lives and their success - in a photography feature by Paul Swanson on page 15. 

One of Nan’s favourite songs was Music and Friends by Simani. Here are some of the lyrics that sum it all up for me. Remember to take some time this holiday season to celebrate the season with just that - music and friends! 

Music and friends, it’s so good to bring together music and friends,
Side by side no one can break them,
When we take the time to make them,
Where there’s one there’ll be the other, music and friends.
Nothing makes the old world right like music and friends.

Krista Balsom



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