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Letter From The Editor

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In our three years of YMM Magazine, we have never done an issue based on the oil sands. Most would find this shocking, however we’ve just been too busy talking about everything else our community is all about. However, there is a lot of heart and soul that goes into our energy industry, and a lot of people behind the scenes making it happen and fighting for the strength of not just our local economy, but the economies of Alberta and Canada. It is in that spirit that we dedicate this issue to the people who work in the oil sands industry. 

This issue is stocked with stories and pride for the oil sands.You’ll notice our cover is adorned by many residents who are proudly wearing shirts that read “I love oil sands”. These shirts and this campaign has become a bold and innovative social initiative to help showcase and change the stereotypes around the industry across Canada and the world. Every day more people are standing up to say that we do in fact love the oil sands and appreciate their value in the region. We all have reasons to at least appreciate the impact the oil sands contribute. You can read more about this campaign and supporting “the family business” in an article by Cody Battershill on page 29. 

One of my favourite things to do is welcome new people to our region and showcase the great place we get the privilege to live, work and play in. This summer, I had the pleasure to welcome an old friend and colleague Denise Brunsdon. Denise felt so passionate about the experience of seeing this place for the first time that she asked to write something from an outsider’s perspective. You can read her account on page 17. 

These are just a couple of tidbits of what you can find in this issue - our team sure hopes that you enjoy all of what’s inside these pages and thank you for your continued support as we close out volume three and look forward into year four of YMM! 


Krista Balsom




On the cover

This compilation of images is courtesy of the “I Love Oil Sands” campaign, and features the work of Ariann Photographer (


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