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200 Words About… The Wood Buffalo Cycling Club

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The people with the best rumps come from bicycle-riding places. Or horse-riding places. Your bum looks nice, I ask where you’re from. It’s fact-finding. I admit that it’s not a perfect science.


With luck, Fort McMurray will soon be one of those bicycle-riding places. In a lot of ways, it already is. There’s the spectacular Birchwood Trails and I’ve seen humans cycling toward town from the Gregoire Lake area.

But, if the Wood Buffalo Cycling Club has their way, our fair region will be home to a new cycle park. Think huge spaces and trails dedicated to track, BMX, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, and leisure riding.

The park would be the site of a million milestones as kids learn to shed their training wheels, and a training ground for anyone with dreams of a Tour de France title.

Right now, the cycle park is just a vision. The WBCC is currently working with members of council to get funding to complete a feasibility study of the venture.

There’s a very similar park in Boulder, Colorado. YouTube “Valmont Bike Park” to get an idea of what the WBCC is proposing. Note that everyone in the video looks great from behind.