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Six On/Six Off

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6 On


There are all sorts of great things happening in our region,but let’s kick things off with what matters most: it’s summer! We experienced a doozy of a 2012-2013 winter, Fort McMurray, so let’s soak in the sun and take advantage of the warm weather. We deserve it.

Fat Franks

Only thing better than summer is a sizzling hot dog or sausage fresh off the grill and that’s exactly what you get with Fat Franks! Locally-owned and operated, you can find Fat Franks at just about any major community event or anywhere McMurrayites congregate!

Bob Barrett’s

Is Bob Barrett’s menswear and apparel a little on the pricey side? Maybe. But it’s still top of the line in our book. The store is always spotless, and you know what? The staff takes pride in their work and are always there to help. What’s that? Great service and expertise in retail? We’ll take it.

Our teachers

Amidst budget cuts and local issues with the education system, one element has remained steadfast: The teachers and staff at both of our respective school boards. These professionals deserve a tip of the cap for putting our children on the right path. A major thank you from YMM is in order.


Some people cringe at the thought of the place, but you know what, they serve up a great cup of joe, and let’s face it, the more excellent retail, the better. You wouldn’t blink at an $8.00 beer, right? So, what’s wrong with a $4.00 latte? Delicious.

New recreation projects

You may have heard a thing or two about some new recreation projects in the region and we’re here to say they have our full support. How great would it be to add a world-class recreation centre at Abrams Land between Thickwood-Timberlea? Much needed given the population, we say.

6 Off

What to do with our water?

Fort McMurray has the potential to feature one of the most picturesque and usable downtown cores in the country. But potential is the key word. We have two rivers and the Snye – let’s get on with developing it in a way that respects our history and makes it attractive for newcomers.

Retail space

Love the City Centre Action Plan, and we can’t wait to get started on the densification of our downtown. More options mean more retail space, which is good for small and big business alike, and more importantly, the community as a whole.


The uncertainty around, Northern Gateway and other pipelines is killing us. We are sitting on the greatest economic opportunity in our country’s history and it’s time to get on with figuring out the best and most effective ways to get our product to market. Could a west to east pipeline be our generation’s national railway?

Hard questions

We may need to ask ourselves some hard questions about why we have a provincial deficit in a province as abundant as Alberta? We have the lowest tax jurisdiction in the country. We need more and better infrastructure. We don’t know the answers, but we may need to make some tough decisions in the years ahead.


We’ve been hearing our fair share of complaints about Fort McMurray lately. Look, we know the nature of this place isn’t for everyone, but you’re here for a reason, right? Join with us in building the community for the better or consider why you made the move, okay?


We were at a national conference recently where the future of the country was discussed. Not once was Fort McMurray mentioned, even if the oilsands were. Shouldn’t they go hand in hand? You’d think the region that produces close to 10% of Canada’s GDP would be discussed.