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Letter from the Editor

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After a long, never-ending winter, I’m really excited for the hot summer months! Fort McMurray really delivers on beautiful, long summer days that stretch into warm magical evenings! We get to enjoy daylight hours well into the night and personally, I think we should take advantage of that time and our fun-loving community certainly helps to deliver that.

My favourite, and arguably the biggest party of the summer is CanadaROCKS hosted by Events Wood Buffalo. The location this year has changed – it’s in the Centennial Field near the Snye River. Check out their website for more details about the concerts and events you and your family can participate in.

I was lucky enough to get to see an advance screening of the new documentary filmed here in Fort McMurray – Oil Sands Karaoke. I ventured to Vancouver with two of Fort McMurray’s finest – David Whitelock, the energetic, talented and smart executive director of Events Wood Buffalo and Massey Whiteknife, the savvy owner of the fast-growing ICEIS Safety based out of Fort McKay. The wonderful husband/wife, director/producer team of Charles Wilkinson and Tina Schliessler welcomed us into their home for their very first screening of the movie. This is a must-see movie that premiered at this spring’s Toronto International Film Festival and was just screened here in Fort McMurray.

The movie is based around a karaoke competition held at Bailey’s Pub in the Stonebridge Hotel. It features five karaoke singers and their life journeys and what karaoke means to them. The movie is a positive representation of the oil sands and, well, we’ve got to take what positive media and attention we can get. You really get the sense that Charles and Tina spent the time to get to know the community that we all love and took extra care to establish a credibility surrounding the industry in the background of the film. I really encourage you all to see the movie and cheer for our fabulous city!

This movie is just one of many fantastic things to do this summer in Fort McMurray. Undoubtedly our best season, be sure to check out all of the fun events, parties, and fundraisers taking place all over our awesome city. Keep it simple and just float down the Snye or have a backyard BBQ with friends. Jerry Neville of Country 93.3 and Fort McMurray Tourism in partnership with Travel Alberta North give you 25 options of the best of the best to do when the weather gets HOT in YMM in this issue’s cover feature.

Send me photos of your summer memories and we’ll post them on our Facebook page. Email

Cheers to the memories you will make during summer 2013!

Krista Balsom



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