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200 Words About…Marty Giles' Radio Spots

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There are two salvations of my morning drive. One is a smoothie. The other is a radio spot promoting NorthStar Ford, which is owned by Marty Giles.

In a market fraught with lackluster radio spots, the NorthStar Ford commercials are smart, compelling, and original. Giles writes the ads himself, which proves that you don't need an MBA to be a marketing hero (you don't even need a degree-Giles is a self-described "University of Calgary drop-out").

No high falutin words, no pretentious tone, and no tired clichés. The NorthStar Ford commercials are pee-your-pants funny and speak to audiences with the same easy charm that your favourite uncle had when flirting with your friends. Future copywriters of the world, take note.

"It doesn't take guts to speak honestly and openly. I think it takes more courage to not be direct. I think the public are sick and tired of organizations that donÕt speak to them in a genuine way," says Giles, who writes all his commercials.

"I have a vision of the average person listening to the radio. If I can make that person chuckle a bit, then IÕll make them feel betterÑwe all feel better when weÕre laughing."