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Home Maintenance Advice

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True or False?

  • You can get bamboozled out of a furnace or boiler warranty if you don’t have proof of regular maintenance.
  • A dirty air filter can do serious damage to your heating system.
  • A HEPA Air Filter can help you to put off dusting for a few weeks and significantly reduce allergy symptoms.

Answer: ALL TRUE!

VALIANT MECHANICAL SERVICES IS FORT MCMURRAY’S one-stop shop for all things heating, cooling, and mechanical.  Want a guarantee to make the air in your house 10 times cleaner than it currently is?  Call Valiant Mechanical.

Because your heating and cooling systems tend to be tucked away, they are often forgotten until there’s a problem.  So, instead of paying $10 a month to replace your air filter, you’ll pay hundreds to have your system repaired.  The most economical route is ongoing maintenance and small investments that will pay off big time in the long run.

It’s a myth that a filter is more effective as it becomes dirtier. That dirt is restricting air flow and as less air is flowing through the system, the motor is working harder, increasing the wear on your motor and control board. 

To prevent this, change your filter monthly with a MERV 7 filter or better.  When buying a filter, check for a MERV rating, which any good quality filter will have listed.    MERV stands for “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” and ranges from 1-20 (16 being the highest rating available to household consumers).  

Until recently, an electrostatic precipitator or electrostatic air cleaner was considered the ultimate upgrade from a basic filter.  In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board, and American Lung Association have recommended against the use of ESPs in households due to the production of ozone, a known lung irritant, and instead recommend the use of a HEPA filter system. 

If you suffer from allergies, respiratory illness, or just plain don’t like dusting every couple of days, try the IQAir Perfect-16 HEPA Air Filter.  The Perfect-16 is installed in the return air plenum of your forced-air heating system and has a bank of four filters configured in a W.  This configuration allows a filter surface area of 170 square feet in a 2” cube, giving it a filter life of approximately three years at 50 per cent duty cycle (translation: the fan is on for half the year). 

With no electricity required, every Perfect-16 filter installed by Valiant Mechanical has consistently shown less pressure drop than your standard 1” MERV 8 filter, allowing your motor to stay cool and efficient.  Valiant guarantees your household will have 10 times cleaner air within 24 hours of the installation or they’ll take the system out and refund you 100%.

Valiant Mechanical Services offers quick assessments of your heating and cooling systems as well as an in-home demonstration of the IQAir Perfect 16.  They also carry home comfort brand names like Lennox, Navien, IQAir, and Hamilton Engineering. n

To book an assessment, or to learn more about how Valiant Mechanical can improve your air quality or help you to save money, call 780-838-9999.

Valiant Mechanical Services
121 MacKenzie King Road Fort McMurray, T9H 5A6
P. 780-838-9999   |   F. 780-743-1336

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