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Running For a Cure

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It’s that time of year again!

Fort McMurray residents are set to come together once again and host the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure on Sunday, October 5 at MacDonald Island Park. An impressive 580 participants from Fort McMurray and surrounding communities took part in the 2013 CIBC Run for the Cure and fundraised over $153,000.

“We’re grateful for every Fort McMurray resident who laced up their shoelaces last October,” says Nancy Melnychuk, Director, CIBC Run for the Cure, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Prairies/NWT Region. “This year’s event is going to be just as incredible.”

The CIBC Run for the Cure is Canada’s largest single day, volunteer-driven fundraising event dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, education and awareness programs. The first event took place in Toronto in 1992 and was organized by a small group of volunteers who wanted to raise awareness and funds for the breast cancer cause.

Today, the event takes place in over 65 communities across Canada with over 130,000 participants and volunteers from coast to coast working together to raise much needed donor dollars.

“Monies raised at the CIBC Run for the Cure have been invested in the brightest minds in Canada and will help ignite remarkable progress,” says Melnychuk. As Canada’s leading community-driven breast cancer charity, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation serves as the bridge between those who generously donate and volunteer to raise funds in pursuit of creating a future without breast cancer, and the scientific research that will make it possible.

The Foundation awards funding to support breast cancer research, awareness and education projects that will continue to change how breast cancer is viewed, further a national commitment to early diagnosis and personalized treatment, and support scientific innovations with nearly unlimited potential.

“It’s important to remember the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation isn’t alone in its journey to create a future without breast cancer. Every participant is someone who eagerly stepped up and accepted this vision, not a challenge, but a promise for the future,” says Melnychuk.

It takes a huge team of volunteers to make the event possible. Local residents, often motivated by a personal connection to breast cancer, help with everything from setting up the route, hanging banners, handing out snacks and even cheer on participants as they make their way to the finish line.

“Our volunteers are the best,” says Melnychuk. “They work tirelessly; from the volunteer organizing committee to folks handing out event t-shirts and bottled water. We couldn’t do it without their help.”


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