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Top 10 Plates of 2013

Over the past year we’ve witnessed four hard fought battles between eight local restaurants. We’ve tasted dozens of dishes, and we’ve seen some places come and go, but now it’s time to reflect on some of the best that Fort McMurray has to offer. Based on YMM’s Fort McMurray Food fight, as well as my own culinary adventures in Fort McMurray, I present to you my top 10 plates from 2013. Each of these 10 dishes is worth making a trip out to experience and so they are presented in no particular order:

Braised Lamb Shank at the Sawridge Inn:

This is a masterful presentation of fall-off-the-bone lamb with a beautiful demi-glace that will have your tastebuds dancing. I order this dish multiple times a year, especially when I want to show a guest that Fort McMurray is not some back-woods town void of any haute cuisine.

Eggs Benedict at Mrs. B’s:

The hollandaise sauce at Mrs B’s has layers of subtle flavours that unfold with each bite. The eggs are always done perfectly. This is one of my favourite breakfasts in our region, much to the dismay of my physician. Mrs B’s gets busy, and the Eggs Benny is one of the reasons.

Prime Chicken at Prime Social Kitchen.

This dish is aptly named and the moist and tender quarter chicken is drizzled with a Veronique sauce that is deep, savoury, and delicious. Even if you live in Parson’s Creek and it is rush hour, this dish is worth the trip.

Barbecue Pork Udon soup at Solieki:

While not from the YMM Food Fight (yet) Solieki scores a hit with their BBQ Pork Udon soup. The broth is an almost mystical mix of various umami-like flavours that are hard to pin down. The huge helping of soup is only $11.00 and will have you licking the bowl.

Curry anything at Nim’s Tandoori House:

Authentic Indian food has finally come to Fort McMurray and Nim’s is knocking it out of the park. From butter chicken to homemade naan bread they have delicious and almost addictive food. Simply put, go to Nim’s, order some food, eat!

Beef Carpaccio at Wood Buffalo Brewery:

Rare tenderloin isn’t for everyone, but those of us who love Alberta Beef will absolutely love the carpaccio at Wood Buffalo Brewery. This dish is tender, nicely seasoned, and has a lovely array of textures. Pair it with their Lift Kit Lager and a hockey game.

Soup and Sandwich at The Chef’s Table by Mitchells:

Bread made daily, sandwiches made by hand, and soups that taste like what would happen if your favourite grandmother had trained under Julia Child, Mitchells is a cornerstone of our culinary scene. I suspect that our residents can weather any insult under the sun, but if you dared call Mitchells sandwiches down, it would likely come to blows.

Mini-doughnuts at Fort McMurray Tourism’s various trade shows:

I’ll be honest, I’m not a doughnut fan and I’m not a dessert fan, and I have limited tolerance for sweets, but these little doughnuts have a cult following in this town that rivals the McRib kiosk at a Grateful Dead concert. When I think of spring or fall, I think of the lineup for the mini-doughnuts at the trade show. It’s a thing.

Lunch at Live Bar:

Live Bar flies under the radar for lunch, but they have some really interesting menu items from a seafood trio to a chicken satay that is quick and delicious. The newly renovated restaurant is inviting and with Long Shots closed down, Live Bar is now my staple for a quick business lunch.


Finally, YMM Magazine for everything food in Fort McMurray. There is no doubt that I delight in writing the food column for this fine publication, but there is no other magazine locally or regionally that covers our dynamic and growing culinary scene. From great food and wine to lifestyle columns and events, Your McMurray Magazine has become a great resource for learning, living, and loving all things Fort McMurray.


Braised Lamb Shankat The Sawridge Inn

Eggs Benedict at Mrs. B’s

Prime Chicken at Prime Social Kitchen

Curry anything at Nim’s Tandoori House

Mictchells legendary sandwiches

Beef Carpaccio at Wood Buffalo Brewery

Everyone’s favourite: tradeshow mini-doughnuts!


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