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Do it Yourself, McMurray

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When it comes to DIY, you want to have a lot of punch without a large price tag. I’ve been searching for months for the perfect stylish wallpaper {wallpaper is back in a big way – totally not like the tacky stuff from the 90s!}, but I haven’t been able to commit to one, mostly because of the hefty cost – seriously, $250+ for a roll of wallpaper? That would mean $1500+ for one wall, let alone a room. So what’s a girl to do to get that same chic look for a fraction of the price?


This project combines my two favourite design obsessions – paint and chevrons! I love me a chevron any day of the week – the bold graphic zigzag pattern is so striking, stylish and sophisticated. The chevron pattern dates back to ancient history, but is enjoying a big time revival in modern interior and fashion design. For this project, we chose to paint one wall in a room {a feature wall}, so that the fabulous pattern would be highlighted, and not overwhelm the space.

To begin, you need to pick your paint. I always go for Benjamin Moore’s Aura brand paint. It’s an amazing quality paint – Benjamin Moore’s top of the line paint – and it’s well worth the extra money. You can do a second coat within an hour or so, and it goes on smoothly and brilliantly! For this project, we chose Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace (OC-65) and Cement Gray (2112-60) for a crisp white and grey chevron. This would be a great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and choose a colour scheme that sings to you.

Before we begin with the chevron pattern, be sure to paint the wall first with the lighter of the colours, then you only use one colour for the accent – trust me, it’s SO much easier than painting and re-taping with multiple colours, and you only want to tape once!

The next task is to use tape to map out the chevron pattern on the wall. I highly recommend using an excellent quality painter’s tape. This step is not the one to cheap out on since the painter’s tape is the key to this project’s success. The tape needs to stick to the wall, but also peel off easily without smearing or pulling the paint that would massively ruin all your hard work. So choose wisely!

Before you tape out your chevron pattern, you need to figure out the width and angle that you want in your zig zags, then calculate how that translates onto your wall. My wonderful engineer husband did all the calculations and taping, which took about five hours. Seriously. But it is so worth it. I think it could be mapped out more quickly. We used a pencil and a ruler to ensure the lines angles as perfectly aligned as possible.

Once the taping is done, it’s time to paint! This is actually the easy part. Paint two coats {you’re only painting the chevrons}, but don’t let it dry too long afterward or else the paint may come off with your tape! To keep the edges clean and sharp, it’s best to peel the tape off after the second coat, but while the paint is not yet completely dry.

This project is relatively simple DIY, but with major impact and style that would rival any wallpaper! If you’re not yet ready for the commitment, however, of painting a pattern onto your walls, you could easily downsize this project for a large canvas, so you have customized DIY wall art. The options are endless, and that’s the beauty of doing it yourself! Happy DIYing!

Have you been bold with your paint? Show me what you got! I’m here to help with any of DIY related questions – tweet me @mummymaggie or check out my blog at for more ideas on how you can Do It Yourself, McMurray!


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