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There is an old adage that says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in a city that moves at the pace of Fort McMurray, there is no doubt that a good breakfast is the right way to start your day. In this edition of Fort McMurray Food Fight, we’re pitting two long time staples of the regional food scene against one another. Mrs. B’s takes on Kozy Korner to find out who’s breakfast will be the toast of the town.

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Like many people in the oil sands, my blood type is coffee, so lets get down to business:

Kozy Korner brings you an entire carafe of joe and sets it at your table. The coffee was fresh and hot. I’m a dark-roast fancy coffee kind of guy, but this standard “diner” style blend was decent and kept my eyes open.

Mrs. B’s also brings you an entire carafe of coffee. Equally fresh, hot, and of a similar blend, you can drink as much as you want (or need).

Winner: A straight draw here.

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If you’re stopping for breakfast on your way to work, speed and service are of the essence.

Kozy Korner: Eggs Benedict for me and bacon and eggs for my wife. The service staff were friendly and breakfast came out in 10 minutes and 32 seconds. The synergies between their kitchen and service staff showed with their pit-stop like service.

Mrs B’s: The same order as Kozy Korner came out in 10 minutes and 45 seconds. The waitress, however, was amazing. She may be the friendliest woman in Fort McMurray. From greeting us to our final bill, her east-coast warmth shone brightly.

Winner: The charm of the waitress at Mrs. B’s wins this round. If you’ve ever got a case of the winter blues, I suggest going for breakfast and asking to sit in her section. She’s sure to make you smile.

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Our city is a region of character and these venerable establishments are full of stories and memories, but which restaurant has the character that will keep you coming back?

Kozy Korner: Located at Reidel and Franklin this restaurant has great parking, a bright interior, and big windows. You can sit and people-watch while having your coffee and enjoying your morning. The interior needs updating and resembles a 1980s dinner with some chipped Formica and linoleum that they just don’t make any more. But the dated look works for this fixture in our community.

Mrs. B’s: Sitting in the heart of downtown in a place some old-timers may remember by many different names, Mrs. B’s is very modern in its finishing. There is a subtle maritime theme throughout which commingles the patrons and staff whose accents and lyrical tones speak to our east-coast connections. Mrs. B’s is east-meets-west and a mixture of old and new; this is today’s Fort McMurray.

Winner: Mrs. B’s take this round for their modern reflection on our charming city.

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Kozy Korner’s eggs benedict was delicious. The Hollandaise sauce was likely from a mix, but it was properly made and had nice flavour. I asked for my eggs to be poached medium and they came out perfectly executed, something that is more of an art than a science. We also had homemade toast that was hearty and slightly cakey, along with homemade hashbrowns which could have used more seasoning and some garlic or onion. Still, this was a solid breakfast that satisfied.

Mrs. B’s: Against my doctor’s advice I also had the eggs benedict and asked for the eggs to be poached medium. Like Kozy Korner, the dish was well executed. The Hollandaise sauce was outstanding. While I suspect it was also packaged, they added something of a nuanced flavour of citrus that really made this dish. The star of the show here, however, was the homemade toast. The light and fresh bread was perfectly toasted and delicious. If you’re on a gluten-free diet and ever care to relapse, this is the place to do it.

Winner: Mrs. B’s takes it with the nuanced sauce and delicious bread.

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Both staples of our community are great places to grab a quick bite, but if you ever find yourself taking company out for breakfast, I’d suggest Mrs. B’s. Solid food, amazing staff, and a mix of old and new, Mrs B’s represents part of who we are here in this northern town. Give it a shot, and take a friend!


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