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Michael Jesso’s Fabulous, Derailed

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Saying the name McDonald’s out loud these days can you cheers or jeers depending on the company you keep. With healthy “in” and fast food “out”,  everyone seems to have an opinion on the restaurant that set the bar for what fast food is today.  Having said that, even the complainers will admit that when you’re stuck for time or have a mini van full of kids, a pack of McNuggets will go a long way.  For me personally, I always think back to a two-week vacation in several foreign countries where I was stuck to a set menu.  On a layover in Frankfurt there was a giant sign in the airport that read “The McRib is Back !! “ and with that, I was off like a bride’s nightgown. You see, whether we realize it or not, McDonald’s is a happy place…unless you’ve recently eaten at any of the local Fort McMurray McDonalds.

It turns out McDonald’s corporate offices sold off all of our local McDonald’s last year to a new non-local owner.   It seems Ronald McDonald went from a happy restaurant clown to Pennywise, the terrifying clown from Stephen King’s It, overnight...and it turns out he couldn’t wait to give us all the yellow finger.   Immediately staff hours were cut.  If eight people were supposed to be running a kitchen, four were doing the job.  Prices skyrocketed on every meal;  staff were openly fighting in front of customers about who was supposed to do what job; signs were put up telling customers if they made your order wrong they weren’t fixing it and you would have to pay again; the coupon codes on the downloaded app were being denied; customers were being told that ice cream was available at the Dairy Queen across the street at the Thickwood location; the restaurants were dirty and the garbage was piling up.  While all this was happening, the lineups and wait times got longer and longer.  It was as if it were 2007 and the staff shortages all over the city were causing the service industry to grind to a halt, except this time they were doing it on purpose.  There were calls online for outright boycotting of the restaurants. It’s what you could call McInsanity.

Travel a few hours south to any local area McDonald’s and you would swear you were in a 5-star restaurant. Happy staff, happy customers, Big Macs as far as the eye could see, and something that never ever happens here….

Recently, while I was in an Edmonton drive-thru, I ordered a McChicken meal with a Coke and a bottle of water. The loud speaker said it would be $10.50 and to drive forward.  When I got to the window to pay, the guy said, “That will be $9.25. I replied, “No, my order was $10.50,” to which he replied, “Oh we rang it in differently so the water goes with the meal and you pay less for the Coke.” 

I said thank you and drove on.  That would never happen here.  You’ve barely said,  “Big Mac,” and they are asking if you want bacon, extra meat, extra buns, giant sized Cokes, and enough fries to feed an army.  That’s the first time I drove away from a drive thru thinking, “Wow, someone looked out for me.”

Now, I’ll be the first to say the customer isn’t always right. We have become a picky bunch who like things a certain way, and when that doesn’t happen, we can be testy. But when you’ve come to expect a certain level of service from a restaurant who invented that level of service, it’s more than disappointing when it all goes McSideways.

Perhaps they need to bring the McRib back…after all, it made my troubles go away.


Get Ready For The Fall With Tommy Gun’s

As the weather gets cools down, now is the perfect time to really focus on your hair and skincare routines. Tommy Gun’s has some fabulous products to keep both looking and feeling great. Here are some of them:



Your face carpet got you feeling blah? How about getting the swag back in your shag with our killer blends of essential and natural scented oils.  Your masterpiece deserves only the best so why not put our oils to the test.  Let our invigorating oils steam life back into your beard! Chin Whiskers Beard Oils are made from 100% all natural ingredients and are a blend of Grapeseed, Coconut, Argan and Jojoba Oils.  Handcrafted in Canada.  While their Beard Balm will define the look of your beard while moisturizing your hair and skin. 


Scalp Care

Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Shampoo is a color-safe shampoo features our exclusive Regeniplex® blend which includes Kakadu plum, pea peptides, clover flower, turmeric and ginseng to prime the scalp for thicker-looking, fuller hair.

Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Conditioner is a  a lightweight conditioner that detangles fine and fragile hair. Featuring the exclusive Regeniplex® blend containing Kakadu plum, pea peptides, clover flower, turmeric and ginseng, hair is strengthened without being weighed down.

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Consisting of a single blade for a closer and smoother shave. For those who appreciate a classic barbershop shave with a modern twist, there is a convenient butterfly opening for safe and easy blade change. Provides a comfortable grip so that you can achieve an accurate shave.


Spongelle Super Buffer

The Spongelle Men’s Super Buffer has built in body wash that will transform your shower. Enriched with hydrating coconut oil and a blend of energizing extracts, the Super Buffer by Spongelle will help your skin feel smooth and clean after a long day at the office. Comes in 12 and  28 wash sizes.


Fort McMurray Pride

It was a historical day this past August as Fort McMurray celebrated their First LGBT Pride event hosted by Pride YMM.

Hundreds gathered surpassing all expectations for the family friendly event that featured live entertainment and free bbq and multiple booths from event sponsors. Co- organizer of the event Jason Beck said, “I couldn’t be happier if I tried. This has been a massive success.”

Heartfelt speeches were delivered by Councilwoman Colleen Tatum, Mac Island’s Kelli Stewart, teacher Kristal Rensmaag and wife Cristina, and Father Mercredi’s Gay Straight Alliance president Pamela Gervada, all reminding of us of why Pride exists, and why we will still need Pride events in our lives today. 

Not only was this day historical, there have been a couple of firsts this summer for our region. This was the first year that the Canada Day parade featured a float by Pride YMM, followed a few weeks later by the RMWB donating a rainbow crosswalk on Hardin Street. A special thank you has to go out to Tyran Ault for making that happen.

The success of this year’s event already has a great number of people interested and talking about next year’s events, including a YMM Magazine booth. When the Pride flag waves for next year’s festivities make sure to take notice and come out for a gay ole time.