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Do it yourself, McMurray!

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The most wonderful time of year is just around the corner, and for many folks, this is a perfect time to let your inner-decorator loose and have fun with holiday décor. For some, holiday decorating may be simple – you see a pre-lit, pre-decorated tree in a big box store and just set it up in your house and be done with all the fuss. For others, Christmas decorating is an elaborate, labour-intensive event, with meaning and tradition behind each ornament and decoration that spills into every room of your home. I take my holiday decorating seriously {no surprise there!} and an opportunity to add punches of vibrant colour and fun into my décor which I wouldn’t normally have, but still balancing that whimsy with taste and style. Here are my tips and tricks for hip and happy holiday decorating!

{slider=1. Choose a colour theme and keep it consistent.}

All too often, Christmas decorating can easily become chaotic with competing colour choices and themes. Consider your own preferences, and what makes it feel “Christmas-y”. Do you prefer traditional red and gold décor? Or how about a frosty silver and white theme? My current favourite Christmas colour scheme is what I call “Merry & Bright” – a modern mix of pink, blue, green and silver. Once you choose the colours and theme you want, it’s easy to choose ornaments and decorations in the same design. Remember to allow your style to evolve, and give yourself permission to NOT display every single Christmas item you have just because you own it or it was a gift. Be sure to edit your holiday décor to display what you love and want to highlight.

{/slider} {slider=2. Use traditional holiday decorations in an unexpected way.}

Once you’ve settled on a colour and theme, it’s time to choose decorations! For our Christmas tree, I always stock up on basic shatterproof ball ornaments {trust me, it’s necessary – both our dog and our children have knocked down our Christmas tree!} to fill up with colour and sparkle. Then be sure to layer special ornaments and other decorations in unique shapes, various sizes, colours, and textures to create depth and interest to your tree. In addition to tree decorating, you can artfully place special ornaments in glass vases and jars for a more interesting display option. I also have a special wreath made of colourful ornaments that I use as a table-top decoration. Play with your decorations and repurpose them in unexpected ways to maximize their style and beauty.

{/slider} {slider=3. DIY Mantel Display.}

The reality of life in Fort McMurray is that space and time may limit your holiday decorating options. You may not have the time, energy, or inclination to go full out on your Christmas decorating with a big decked out tree and such, but a simple solution is to decorate “up” – using wall space instead of floor space. To create the mantel, I hung two small floating shelves from a home box store. This mantel is not over my fireplace {I have a flat screen TV that goes there!}, but on a wall in my kitchen. Find a wall space in your home for your mantel that you will see and enjoy the seasonal décor, but won’t overwhelm. Use the mantel to display selected Christmas treasures and decorations, even photo frames. I keep this mantel up year round, decorating it according to season and celebrations. It’s a fun and simple way to be creative and festive throughout the year.

{/slider} {slider=4. Kids Trees.}

Ok, here’s my last tip that made me feel like a better parent and less uptight around holiday decorating. Get small, tyke-size Christmas trees for your kids’ bedrooms so that they can proudly display their popcorn and macaroni garlands and Christmas art projects from school, and let them go crazy with colour – and it does not effect your carefully considered Christmas décor.


What are your favourite tips and tricks for holiday decorating? I’d love to hear about it. I’m here to help with any of DIY related questions – tweet me @mummymaggie or check out my blog at for more ideas on how you can Do It Yourself, McMurray!


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