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Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta - Woman of Inspiration Presented by Syncrude

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Kristi Pinkney Hines

Ms. Hines is a born and bred Fort McMurrite, and other than the time that she spent in university and her time working in emergency and trauma in Edmonton, she has lived in, and enjoyed, her hometown.

Kristi became a nurse and took her training and profession to the next level when she decided to become a business owner and operator. In her fifth year as a female business owner, her business provides occupational health services to corporations in RMWB. Ms. Hines uses a mobile unit to reach her clients.

She is a strong advocate for female entrepreneurs. “Action” is a word to describe her ability to identify gaps in service and take charge and fill that gap. She recently met a new milestone by going international and was sought out by two different gold mines in Australia to work with in collaboration.

Education and the continuous need for education is a passion for Kristi. She partnered with Keyano College and the University of Alberta Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing, to mentor, teach and evaluate the third year nursing students through a practicum at Hines Health Services. Ms. Hines enjoys the opportunity to mentor and encourage her new hires to continue their education by taking the specialized training of a diploma in occupational health after completion of their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She believes that it is time well spent to mentor and help guide women in their interest, nursing passions, and career path.

Ms. Hines has learned the fine art of balancing work and home life. She is a mother of three children and it is not unusual for her to bring her children to work. Wanting to pass on the value of a healthy work /home balance, Ms. Hines has created a unique staffing program for her eight professional female employees. Her business makes it possible for her employees to function equally successfully in their professional role as nurses and as mothers. This commitment to her staff demonstrates her caring nature and explains her success as a business person. She has broken many stereotypes about nurses and women in business. She is a strong example of what dedication and determination can accomplish.

Ms. Hines’ love for her community and her drive to make it a great place to live, work and play resulted in her working with Dr. Vitug (Hines Health Services Director of clinical care)and the Brain Injury Network to provide specialized comprehensive care to outpatient community members that would not have access in Fort McMurray and who would have to travel to Edmonton and Calgary for care. Kristi is determined to improve the quality of life for RMWB better and accessible. Her partnerships demonstrate her leadership skills.

Kristi’s community work also includes becoming a Board Member for the Community Futures Wood Buffalo as well as being a Board Member for Habitat for Humanity Wood Buffalo. Kristi is proud to work closely with Aboriginal communities by providing Oil and Gas Industry knowledge specific to OH&S standards, government rules and provincial/municipal regulations.

Passion is Ms. Hines driver and has made her successful in her community and her business. When times become hard, she knows that it is about the person you are inside that will pull you through. Her goal is to be involved, to add value and to succeed. She is a proven leader, mentor and advocate and is a great example of what a Woman of Inspiration looks like.

Jane Stroud

Ms. Stroud has lived all of her life in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and currently lives in the community of Anzac. First elected to the RMWB council in 2010, Ms. Stroud has been a strong advocate for services in Ward 4 – the area that she represents. In 2001 Ms. Stroud completed her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Athabasca.

Jane is a strong voice for the outlying area on City Council and she works diligently to see the level of service to the outlying ward improve. She sits on various Council appointed Boards such as Governance, Agenda and Priorities Standing Committee, the Budget and Audit Committee, Rural Development, the Selection Committee, the Inner-city Forum on Social Policy and the Veterans Memorial Highway. Ms. Stroud is committed to the fulfilment of essential core services for Ward 4 which includes water and sewer servicing, a sidewalk for youth to walk on when travelling to and from school, usable skating rinks, family and community support services for seniors/elders, walking trails and ongoing road repairs. She continues to lobby for high-speed internet for Gregoire Lake Estates, Janvier and Conklin as well giving these communities the ability to listen to local Fort McMurray radio stations. High speed internet service is a necessity as Ms. Stroud has heard from the volunteer fire department, who state that as a result of the poor reception on the fire department’s’ radios, some volunteers do not get the call out. This is a matter of safety for the residents in this area and one Jane never misses the opportunity to highlight and fight for.

Another of Jane’s priorities is the twinning of highway 881. Ms. Stroud feels that 881 is an important secondary route that’s severely outdated. ”881 lacks shoulders, any passing lanes, we lack maintenance in the winter on certain parts of that,” she says. ”In the statistics that I’ve been shown, 881 has as many deaths in the amount of kilometres as 63.”

Stroud states that the stretch of road becomes even more dangerous during the winter as industry trucks and private vehicles travel through the hills.

Recently Ms. Stroud put forward a motion to remove the Conklin Multiplex from Council’s deferred capitol project list in order for the project to be resumed which council approved.

Jane is proud of the improvements for Ward 4 but feels there is still much more to do. Ms. Stroud has announced her plan to run again in the fall election and she is looking forward to continuing to be the voice for the outlying area of Ward 4. Be it the high cost of taxes levied on rural business, or upgraded water and sewer services, Jane’s quiet voice will be heard.

Jane has two children and three grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoys visiting with family and can be found on the local golf courses. A strong voice, a passionate fighter, Jane is a positive role model for girls to see what one voice can accomplish. Ms. Stroud was the recipient of a Citizens Recognition Award for her work in environmental protection.


Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude will honour all nominees at the Women of Inspiration Celebration which will take place in June, 2017.


The Women of Inspiration is a partnership between Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude, with a goal to recognize women throughout the Wood Buffalo region who inspire others, break new ground or old barriers and help create change. The series also aims to show local girls positive role models who live right here.


To nominate a woman of inspiration, please visit our website at or contact the Girls Inc. office at 780-790-9236.