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New Voices Over The Airwaves at 91.1 The Bridge

Steph Seidel
BY Steph Seidel
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At 91.1 The Bridge we see a lot of people working together as a team to make this city a great place to live.  As a community radio station, we believe in bridging the gap between the people of Fort McMurray and what our city has to offer in terms of arts, entertainment, events, social services and education.

With that in mind, we are excited to introduce to our newest weekday line-up of programs - Diverse Voices, Impact, Y Connect, Community Profile and Old Enough to Know Better.  These half-hour spotlights air at 10:30 am, Monday to Friday and are a result of partnerships with many different organizations across the region.  Each program will focus on a specific demographic sector, highlight the issues experienced by the people in that sector and provide information regarding the organizations and services that serve that sector.  In essence,  this will give a voice to the people of the sector and be an outreach to engage the disenfranchised or marginalized by highlighting and inviting people to local events catering to their specific demographic.


Each program is made up of a few key components. Here is a look at what they’re about and who is involved:

Diverse Voices is in partnership with the Multicultural Association and endeavours to introduce the city of Fort McMurray to the people from various backgrounds who have recently started to call it home.  There are over 70 different nationalities currently living and working in Fort McMurray and the show focuses on a plethora of experiences related to people adjusting to life in Canada.  It works to celebrate, integrate and educate listeners about how to better relate in a diverse multicultural setting.

Impact is a partnership with The United Way, Fuse Social, and Shaw TV.  Impact’s host, Russell Thomas, always invites compelling guests including social profit leaders and community players on air with him each week to discuss their work, their passions and the things they’ve learned while living in Fort McMurray. This is especially relevant in light of last year’s wildfires that swept through our city.

Y Connect Youth is a partnership of more than twenty youth serving agencies called Y Connect, and is geared toward students in grades 8 through 12.  This spotlight showcases youth social issues, students in the community, events for youth, and agencies helping youth.  It discusses some very tough topics but always includes advice from people who’ve been there and care very much about the youth of our city. 

Old Enough to Know Better is a partnership with The Seniors Resource Committee and local seniors. The show features guests and organizations who are in the know about the things that matter most to the seniors in our community - social activities and available senior services. As well, the program also highlights some amazing seniors in action.

Community Profile invites leaders of social profits, event organizers and people working to make Fort McMurray a better place to live, to our studio.  This spotlight tells of services and highlights events that folks might not be aware of and puts a voice to a logo or flyer.

Tune in weekdays at 10:30 to hear from amazing people about the things that matter in our region.  These shows will be live in studio or recorded on location.  If you would like to host the show at your location, please email

Our 91.1 The Bridge team will be out and about all summer long.  We have a new 91.1 The Bridge vehicle to cruise around in and we’d love for you to look for it all around our city. It’s bright blue and green so it’s easy to find and if you snap of picture of it and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #findthebridge and tag @911thebridge in the photo, you’ll be entered to win some sweet giveaways all summer long!  So keep your eyes peeled and happy hunting!