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Michael Jesso’s Fabulous, Derailed

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In the spirit of the Top 50 Under 50, and of this column, I have decided to give you three more people that, if you don’t already know, you should. One offers beauty, one offers fashion and the other offers a menu that we all know and love.


Krista Kemp

Co-Owner of Allure Medi Spa

Krista moved to Fort McMurray from the Okanagan Valley in 2009 to be closer to loved ones, not having any clue about the opportunities that would present themselves.  Armed with a certificate in Aesthetics and a passion for helping people, she took a job bartending at Earls to meet people until she could find a position in medical cosmetics.

She started in her field, and met an amazing mentor who took her under her wing and encouraged Krista to go back to school to get her licence for Advanced Laser Tech and Doctor Assistant. Once licensed, she continued for two more years in her field until she met Dr. Loretta Roberts and opened Allure Medi Spa. The best advice given to Krista at the time was to believe in yourself and be prepared to work damn hard for what you want. After working for herself the best advice Krista would offer is to give quality over quantity, stay true to yourself and your goal, work hard and the rest will follow.  Krista is inspired by her gorgeous sister Amanda, who makes motherhood, being a wife and running a successful business look easy.  Krista believes her YMM customers are smart; they arrive knowing exactly what they want after researching the latest and greatest procedures, they arrive fully prepared and Krista loves that.  What’s next for Krista??  She wants to continue growing her business and her brand.  She has a passion helping Fort McMurray men and woman look and feel their best. Her clients trust her and that’s the best feeling in the world. 


Allure Medi Spa is on the second floor in the Superstore.

Call 780-799-4284.


Julie Tiemstra Tuccaro

Co-Owner of Drop Dead Darlings

Originally from Edmonton, Julie has a degree in Education and taught ESL in Madrid, Spain before moving to Fort McMurray in 2005.  Knowing she wanted to be her own boss and wanting her own store she started working at Earls and quickly put a plan together.  She teamed up with Dorcas St. Pierre after both realizing there was nowhere to shop in Fort McMurray for women their age.  Drop Dead Darlings was formed in an Abasand garage in 2008,  originally as an online store with free delivery anywhere in Fort McMurray. She set up a pop-up store everywhere and anywhere people would let her. After building the business for a few years they opened the first location downtown in 2011 and then the second location in Eagle Ridge in 2015.  The best business advice Julie received in the early days was, “Stop being scared and jump, keep looking forward and learn from your mistakes.” The best business advice she would offer now would be “love what you do, passion is key and trust your instincts.  Julie takes inspiration from her father. He is an entrepreneur and taught her a strong work ethic, to work long hard hours for something that you believe in. Her customers also inspire her, the excitement of a lady leaving the boutique with an outfit she feels incredible in makes her heart flutter.  Julie feels that Drop Dead Darlings has the best customers, they have taught her the value of friendships, resilience and the art of listening. She loves that her customers feel comfortable asking for things they would like to see in the store. She also thinks it’s really amazing sharing life’s journeys with customers, from being single, to newly married, to having families, all while growing right alongside the customers.  After the fire this year, the store became more than a boutique. Customers were happy to see familiar faces, just to talk and share the evacuation experiences.  A bond like that with your customer is hard to break. 

Drop Dead Darling is located in River Point Shops downtown and in Eagle Ridge behind Tim Hortons.  


Carlin Koster

Operations Consultant McDonald’s

Carlin grew up in and around Whitecourt.  In his teens he took a job at McDonald’s and for 15 years worked his way to where he is today, overseeing all locations of McDonald’s in Fort McMurray. When the opportunity came up three years ago to become Fort McMurray’s Operation Consultant it was a dream come true.  Fort McMurray for him represented a new beginning and new challenge. He had been working with the same colleagues for 10 years and this was the chance to grow both professionally and personally. The best business advice Carlin received came from his uncle Darcy when he was 18. He said, “If you keep focused on growing within the organization and always take care of the people, both the guests and employees, he would be successful.” A few years later another valuable piece of advice came from a colleague: “When you go into a new work environment as a leader, decide who on the team wants to help the business grow and be on our team. If they want neither, help them make a decision.”   After years in the business, climbing the corporate ladder, his best advice to anyone starting out is, “Life is like gravity. Worry about the things you can control and let the rest fall around you.”   Carlin’s inspiration comes mostly from his mom Joanne, who taught him that you must see the good around you, be part of the community and be giving. She also ensured he knew how to be assertive and self-aware.  Carlin has learned from his Fort McMurray customer that no matter what time of day or night it is, you are going to find really hard working folks who will keep coming back if you treat them well and focus on always improving their experience.  Next up for Carlin in the near future is some much needed time off and travel. Carlin always finds when he comes back from a different part of the world he has a fresh perspective and feels that he becomes a more patient leader.

Carlin can be found at all McDonald’s locations throughout the city.


After reading about these people you can see why these are great people in Fort McMurray to know.  They always have the people of the community first and foremost in their mind and they treat their customers like family.  Don’t be shy to pop into any of these businesses and say hello, try out a product or two and feel the YMM experience for yourself.



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Chin Whiskers [1]

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CASTLE FORBES Keig Eau De Parfum [2]

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Castle Forbes 1445 Eau De Parfum [3]

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Castle Forbes Gentlemen’s Cologne Eau De Parfum [3]

This fragrance has been blended to evoke the bracing stimulation of the highland air. A citrus complex introduces oakmoss, lavender, pine and a green heart of ferns on a base of precious woods.


MANCAVE Moisturizer [4]

Enriched with bioactives to create a soothing easily absorbed formula leaving a smooth and matte finish. Hydrates skin with Borage Oil & Shea Butter. Caffeine stimulates to reduce the appearance of fatigue.


MANCAVE Deodorant [4]

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MANCAVE  Shave Balm  [5]

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MANCAVE Shave Gel [5]

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MANCAVE  Shampoo [6]

Understanding the importance of minimizing hair loss, this natural formulae gel helps to encourage hair stimulation whilst cleansing and revitalizing the hair and scalp, leaving roots stronger.


MANCAVE Cedarwood Shower Gel [6]

Formulated with L-Arginine and Tea Tree Oil to naturally cleanse the skin whilst protecting its natural oil barriers. Hydrates and moisturises Skin with Cedarwood, L-Arginine, Tea Tree and Black Pepper Oil. Rejuvenates senses with a deep forest fragrance.


MANCAVE Lemon & Oak ShowerGel[6]

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