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A Top Chef's Perspective

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With The Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre

YMM was recently invited to Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre to sample some of Chef Clarence Buchanan’s spectacular culinary offerings. From the delectably seared double trochu pork chop, to the cream of artichoke and potato with butter poached lobster claw, our taste buds were celebrating! Speaking of celebrating, now’s the time to start putting the pressure on your boss to make this the place to host the next company soirée!

Need some help in the persuasion department? Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the delish dishes served up at Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre.

Double Trochu Pork Chop

Center frenched pork chop 8 oz (227 grams)
Mashed potato yam 8 oz (227 grams)
Vegetables for plate 1 each
Golden honey 1 oz (6 teaspoons)
Granny Smith apple 1 each
Apple juice 2 fluid oz (3.5 tablespoons)
  1. Pan sear your pork chop and place in the oven at 325 degrees until it reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees.
  2. Scoop mashed yam onto plate.
  3. Add your favourite seasonal vegetables.
  4. Sauté your apples with the apple juice and honey, and you have a sauce!

Cream of Artichoke & Potato with Butter Poached Lobster Soup

Yellow Potatoes 1 kilogram
Water 4 litres
Vegetable Soup Base 0.4 oz (2.5 teaspoons)
Spanish Onion 8 oz (226 grams)
Peeled Garlic 0.5 oz (14 grams)
Celery 2 oz (57 grams)
Lemon Juice 5 ml (1 teaspoon)
Green Onions 0.2 oz (5.7 grams)
Lobster Meat 1.1 kg (2.5 pounds)
Artichoke Hearts 10 oz (284 grams)
  1. Sauté all of the vegetable ingredients together.
  2. Add the water, vegetable stock and diced potato.
  3. Bring to a simmer and cook for 1 hour or until potatoes are soft. Purée.
  4. Sauté lobster over medium heat until cooked, and place in middle of soup plate as garnish.

Kerri has always enjoyed a good story, and favours jotting them down on paper where her thoughts become way more organized. She has always called Alberta home, and delights in the tales that come from there. In her free time, Kerri daydreams, rides bikes, goes on long walks, and cries over videos about dogs. She also donates her time to raising two pretty fantastic kids who call her "mom".