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Celebrating The Class of 2016

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Each year students join at Keyano Theatre to celebrate their incredible educational achievements through convocation. The passing of the parchment is a tradition and in some ways a rite of passage for graduates.

The stage was set for Keyano College’s 50th Convocation Ceremony, the event was scheduled for May, 6, 2016, but just days prior Mother Nature had other plans. When Fort McMurray and surrounding areas were evacuated on May 3rd due to the Wildfire the celebration came to a halt.  

“Convocation is an event students have been looking forward to for years,” says Candice Crossley, Assistant Registrar of Student Services, Keyano College. “It was a sad moment when we released that our 50th Convocation was not going to happen for our students on May 6th.”

As classes and hallways begin to fill at Keyano College, it has become clear that alumni in the area will still have the opportunity to attend a formal ceremony. Keyano College has scheduled for a fall Convocation, welcoming the Class of 2016 back to the College on Saturday, October 22nd.

“We are excited to finally celebrate our 2016 graduates and give them the opportunity to attend a formal convocation in the fall,” says Candice. “We expect attendance to be a little smaller, due to the date change. But we are excited to honour our entire graduating class and we would like to extend congratulations to those who may not be able to attend.”

The class of 2016 is one of the largest convocation groups at the College, Keyano had 636 graduates this past year. Approximately 169 students were scheduled to attend May’s Convocation. The ceremonies welcome graduates of over 40 programs and from all Keyano College campuses and learning centres.

The annual convocation is one of the most important events of the academic year. The entire institution comes together to create a great experience for graduates. Lights, cameras, live music, and webcasting are just a few of the elements of the convocation ceremony and it will happen at Keyano College this fall for the 50th time.