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Back To School Made easy With Keyano College

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Don't Sweat It

You’re doing it. You’re heading back to school. Maybe you’re a little nervous, excited, or both. But, there’s no need to be stressed. Keyano makes it easy for you to not only feel a lot more relaxed about the first day of classes, but to also adjust to a new routine.

We highly recommend getting a head-start. While Student Orientation is on Tuesday, September 3, we suggest you come in before that. Have a talk with our friendly student advisors in the Office of the Registrar, which is open all summer. Monday through Friday - from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., they are here to help answer any questions, and concerns you may have.

“Even if you are coming to Orientation, we recommend coming in and getting yourself familiarized with where your classes are, and get your student I.D. done,” says Marsha Kuchelema, Registrar, Keyano College.

And, for those of you who are already Keyano students and returning for the fall semester, Orientation is still important, says Kuchelema.

“It’s an important event to make connections. We are trying new ideas this year. You’ll love it,” she continues.

Orientation will be a day-long event, featuring a general assembly, a chance to hear from Keyano executives, and your Students’ Association of Keyano College (SAKC) representatives. A major component of the event is the Service Passport – an annual hit. This event provides students with opportunities to visit various departments from the Office of the Registrar to Information Technology Services. Not only do you get to learn more about extra-curricular activities on campus, but this is where you get your class schedules, identification card, and other must-haves for college life.

“Getting to know your program chairs, faculty, and advisors is key to reducing stress. Whether you do this via an appointment, or at Orientation it’ll help very much,” continues Kuchelema.

Remember, at the end of the day, stress usually is about minutiae that magnify in our imaginations. The best way to combat this is to address it head-on. And, preparation is winning more than half of the battle.

Anna Brake, Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) student at Keyano College works with Keyano’s Career & Counselling Services. She says preparation begins at the time of registration.

“Make sure there are no hiccups with scheduling. This means your classes shouldn’t be in conflict. Planning is key,” she explains.

High school may have been another story, but procrastination gets you nowhere in college. So, keep up with your course work from the first day, Brake advises.

“Study your course outlines for important dates; get the info-sheet with important dates from the Office of the Registrar. Plan your semester by making a schedule with all these important dates for midterms, finals, assignments, and anything else of importance,” she says.

Then there are the weekly activities that can’t be ignored. This is where you plan time to study, work, hobbies, as well as quality time with family and friends. Everything falls into place with your choice to participate in class. This makes it easier to not only absorb material, but to also ask any questions of your instructor.

“Review your notes after class. Download PowerPoints/reading materials soon after the lecture and study them. Also, use your instructor’s office hours to ask questions, discuss assignments, or go over tests and quizzes,” Brake continues.

She says students often underestimate the importance of attendance. Attending classes is just a given for success. However, some students can use an extra hand in juggling their time, schedules, and overall routine. Keyano College offers a myriad of services to help out.

“We have tutoring at the SKILL (Student Knowledge Independent Lifelong Learning) Centre. And, we also offer various learner assistance tools like study groups, scanning stations to convert textbooks into audio, and supplemental instruction.”

The College also offers disability assistance tools which include accommodated testing, learning strategy, adaptive technology, disability counselling, and ensuring accessibility.

And then take a break from all the hard work by getting involved on campus. The Students’ Association of Keyano College (SAKC) is your one-stop shop for extracurricular activities ranging from parties to school newspaper. Get involved, and have fun.

Debbie O’Halloran, Chairperson, Counselling, Disability Services, and SKILL Centre, Keyano College has a good reminder for everyone, “Students need to remember – ‘we are all in it together.’ Faculty, staff, and student services areas are more than willing to answer questions and support your academic journey.”



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