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Make 2016 Your Sweet 16

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Feeling like you’re 16 again may feel like a far-off goal, but Layers Wellness is working to make sure their clients feel exactly like that!

“The Sweet 16 idea came from a play on words, my love of themes, and of course Layers,” explains Barb Henning, owner of Layers Wellness. “Take the year 2016, add discounts of 16 per cent, and 16 weeks, and $1,600 for the package. Then combine that with feeling sweet 16 and you have the Sweet 16 package!”

Committed to offering their clients 16 weeks of success with their experienced team, Layers Wellness has put together a 16 week package that combines some of their favourite services.

Six visits with Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jessica Gatt, will provide treatments such as acupuncture, which will help with cravings, appetite suppression, anxiety and weight loss. As well, she’ll work with you on traditional herbal medicine to promote a healthy metabolism and increase fat-burning. Circumferential adipose reduction will also be achieved through manual manipulation and cupping. 

To sweeten the pot, Dr. Gatt will give you a piece of compression clothing designed to promote firmness and to tone.

An additional aspect of the Sweet 16 package is six visits with Layers’ Mobile Personal Trainer, Keira Barbar. She will perform a consultation to put together a personalized, comprehensive, and progressive fitness plan. She will then provide six personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home!

To make this offer even sweeter, you can purchase additional sessions for 16% off before the end of your 16 weeks!

As part of the Sweet 16 package, your very own personal Layers Wellness Coach will provide a consultation to assess your weight loss and health goals, as well as body composition testing. A metabolic assessment will be done to help develop a personalized food plan...a food plan that is developed for your own unique metabolism. Sixteen half hour coaching sessions will help to encourage permanent behavioural change.

“Your success in reaching your goals are significantly increased when you work with a weight loss and fitness coach,” Henning explains. “Your coaches provide knowledge, motivation, accountability, commitment, emotional support, organization and a set of tools to work with in reaching your goals. 

One final touch of sweetness? If you reach, 75% of your weight loss goal you will receive three free treatments of Reaction skin tightening treatments!

To celebrate your sweet 16 with Layers Wellness, visit or call 780-780-6888!