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Michael Jesso’s Fabulous, Derailed

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Valentino Garavani, founder of the fashion house, Valentino, famously said, “I know what women want...they want to be beautiful.” This was a thought that he put into every one of his designs through the years, making him quite famous, and putting him at the top of his game when he retired in 2008.

While woman seem to have endless choices when it comes to dressing up, men have always had suits. Not that suits are boring, but buying off the rack in any men’s store can often leave you feeling like everything looks the same.  That’s where Conner Brady of SUITS BY CURTIS ELIOT can help you look amazing, unique and completely individual.

Think of it as Savile Row meets Franklin Avenue.  Tucked away in the corner under Enviro Cleaners on the corner of Franklin and Hardin, SUITS BY CURTIS ELIOT is a real treat for Fort McMurray residents offering suits, top coats,shirts and shoes, all made to measure.  The appointment-only experience is the only place in the city that offers a complete customization.

From the second you meet Conner, the company motto “No Man Fits Off the Rack”, makes sense. We can all relate to making purchases in other stores, and having the pieces cut and altered to fit us. With these suits, everything is measured and made for you right from the get go. With a two week turnaround, the wait isn’t that bad considering the details that go into your order. A top coat, for instance, can have up to 30 customizations. 

I have to admit, I was a little taken back by all the choices you can make.  In the past I have paid way too much money for high end designer suits that never gave me the choices I had here.  There are over 5,000 suit materials ranging from thick to thin, wools to blends and absolutely every colour under the rainbow; 350 liners, 1,500 shirts, endless bow ties (not the clip-on kind, either), and the options to customize don’t end there. There are pages of collars, yokes, cuffs, pocket styles, pocket placements, pleat placement, everything right down to the colour of the stitching you would like on the button holes. With a state-of-the-art sizing and options system, nothing is left to chance as your order is sent off for tailoring.

While all of this may seem overwhelming, it’s not. Conner Brady loves fashion and it shows from the minute you meet him. Don’t be fooled by his often funky fashions; he is easy to talk to, puts you at ease, and can often put together the suit of your dreams even when you really don’t have the words to describe it.  The individual appointments are amazing; the service is one-on-one and you don’t have to worry about what others may be thinking of you. Private appointments also mean you can bring some of your friends if you are planning on suiting up for a gala, or Vegas, or even bringing your groomsmen for that destination wedding (multiple suits can be done at the same time with the two week turnaround).  Everyone can look the same, or individualized...the possibilities are endless. 

Prices for all of this are really good: $600 for a 2 piece (pants and jacket)  and $750 for a 3 piece ( pants, vest and jacket).  This is a fraction of the cost you would pay at other stores, and the experience is unforgettable...well worth the phone call.  For your own private appointment you can reach Conner at 780-972-8873. 

Tommy Gun’s Products

Experience the clear, pure scented air of the Scottish Highlands with Castle Forbes unique shaving products for men. Rooted in Highland tradition, the crisp manly fragrances infused into each pre-shave, cream, aftershave or cologne brings the Scottish Highlands home to your bathroom. Formulated for maximum shaving effectiveness, Castle Forbes also delivers exceptional shaving comfort and enduring skin conditioning for men. Affordable luxury, Castle Forbes products are long-lasting: worth every hard-earned cent. Designed by Jinny Forbes on the Scottish estate she shares with her husband, Malcolm, the Master of Forbes.

Castle Forbes Lavender Aftershave balm calms and soothes sensitive or irritated skin with witch hazel. This product truly lives up to its name as a remarkably effective post-shave or overnight balm, improving skin on contact.

Infused with genuine essential oil of lavender, not merely a synthetic aroma, and is produced specifically for use with a shaving brush. Suitable for sensitive skin and, due to its high-quality ingredients, needs only a small amount per use as an effective shaving aid. 

Subtle yet definitively manly, this shaving cream produces a lubricating lather that protects your skin from nicks, cuts and shaving irritation. Just a little dab of the semi-solid cream magically develops into a creamy and moisturizing drift of fine textured suds. Skin will be soft, smooth and delightfully scented with deep masculine notes of smoky wood and pungent cedar. 

Using essential oils of healing cedarwood and sensual sandalwood, the product is alcohol-free and contains soothing witch hazel to help close your pores after shaving.

Create billows of luxurious, creamy, hydrating lather, with a refreshing and natural lime scent. Super-concentrated, a small amount of castle forbes lime shaving cream goes a long way. Pure lime oil, never extracts or complexes, soothes the skin and offers a natural antiseptic action. 

Citrus scents are a great way to wake you up for whatever the day ahead of you may hold, and Castle Forbes Lime Aftershave balm is no exception. The lime essential oil and added witch hazel in this alcohol-free product mean it’s just as good for your skin as it is great smelling. 

4. Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil 
Captain Fawcett’s travel sized 10ml (CF.332) Private Stock Beard Oil is a delectable blend of fragrant essential oils fused with Sweet Almond, Jojoba & Vitamin E base oils. Used daily this elegantly scented balance of Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli & Palmarosa essential oils will soothe, moisturise and invigorate both skin & facial hair. Handmade in small batches by the Captain’s master blender, supplied in a glass bottle with rubber topped glass pipette for accurate dispensing.

Captain Fawcett’s Lavender Moustache Wax
Found amongst Captain Fawcett’s papers was his very own personal Moustache Wax recipe. These detailed instructions have been faithfully adhered to and his original pomade is now available for the first time in over a century, to be used once again as an aid to ennoble your upper lip. A variety of razors and trim razors also available at Tommy Gun’s. 

5. DOVO Solingen Open Razors  
Today the market is dominated by electric shavers and simple wet shavers. Whether as part of an archaic or a modern lifestyle, using an open razor to remove the beard growth has been a component of shaving culture for centuries. Lathering up the soap and wielding a brush - a wet shave is always a special experience.

Products can be found at Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop in Fort McMurray.