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Michael Jesso’s Fabulous, Derailed - With Tommy Gun’s Products

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Hmmmmm, this beer tastes like surprise and regret.  A shock to the Fort McMurray business world came this summer when owner/general manager Steven Sachse was promptly let go from his GM position at Wood Buffalo Brewing, leaving customers, staff and Sachse scratching their heads. “I felt like someone came into my home and told me I had to leave,” says Sachse. “I was blind-sided.”

Sachse was first recruited in 2012 when Bear Hill brewing came to town looking to open a pub, they heard of the success Sachse supplied to other restaurants in the city and quickly formed a partnership.  As any local can tell you, Sachse was the face and head cheerleader for the brewpub. People who had never tasted craft beer before were quickly converted, as the Athabasca river water never tasted so good.  That is until two shootings, one in the parking lot and another in an adjacent restaurant, occurred, scaring customers away.  It didn’t help that during this time a less than palate-pleasing menu came down the pipe from head office deleting all the old favorites. Customers didn’t like the new menu and servers couldn’t romance it.  Throw in low oil prices for good measure and you have a recipe that tasted much like the Polenta Cakes.

Sachse was still scratching his head from all this when the phone rang.  Earls across the street caught wind (probably the smoke wafting from the burnt polenta cakes) of what had happened and quickly made Sachse an offer he couldn’t refuse. Earls has been a local favourite and staple in Fort McMurray for years, with great food and amazing consistency. Faced with increased competition from multiple new restaurants meant they were now looking for the energy and drive Sachse offers to keep them current and improve their local foothold overall. 

Sachse is no stranger to Earls, having started with the company when he was 19.  He eventually transferred to the Fort McMurray location when he was 24, and was with them a total of 10 years.  Fort McMurray is Sachse’s home and his community means everything to him. He’s proud to be back at a company that respects their employees and he looks forward to seeing everyone at Earls.

There is a lesson in this story for everyone living and working in Fort McMurray.  While many have faced job losses and economic uncertainty, the community will always rally behind their own.  The old saying of one door closes another one opens, actually I think it’s a window, but either way be ready to walk through or climb in, you never know what the future holds. In just one year so much of your life can change for the better when you really thought the worst just happened.  Rise above and don’t let anything get you down. Ask for help when you need it and make sure to give back when you can. That, my friends, is a recipe for a happy life and good karma...not like the Polenta Cakes. 

Photo: Steven Sachse holding a Rhino Pale Ale.

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