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Confessions of a Rescue Mom

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Rolo's Guide to the Perfect Party.

Since Rolo’s adoption he has attended and hosted many pet events from fundraisers to his over the top doggy’s birthdays, this dog is an event guru. He’s here to share with you some tips for planning the perfect themed party for pets!

1. Choose a location that will accommodate all your guests. Setting up a Facebook event or sending out invitations are great ways to determine how many will be attending. Small spaces don’t work well especially with lots of pets. If it’s an outside location without a fence be sure to keep all the pets on a leash to avoid runaways.

2. When setting up a food/treat table, keep the human food & pet food separate. Some pet treats look good enough to eat. Make your table look presentable by using some nice serving plates (see photos).

3. If the party is located in some type of building: keep a close eye on the door, as people come and leave you don’t want a furry friend to exit. A good idea is to leave a sign on both sides of the door reminding people that there are pets inside so they can be cautious.

4. Make sure that fresh water is available at all times. Have someone dedicated to check frequently and refill when necessary.

5. If you are using decorations or props make sure your items aren’t in harm’s way of a pet digesting it. We all know how curious they can be at times. Hang balloons up high. Keep small plastic decorations away from ledges or in mouths reach but most of all, watch your pet.

6. Tire out those pets with some fun party games and fun events like: a Fido photo booth, musical sits (just like musical chairs but the last one to sit is out), pet “spaw” (nail trims, ear cleaning & getting groomed), pet pageant or even set up a mini agility course.


Rolo & I blog every weekday for our blog Confessions of a Rescue Mom; it’s our very own go-to resource for all things furry. Come connect with us!

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Kimberley, a lover of all things animal, was born and raised in Merritt, British Columbia.  In 2006, at the age of only 19, she found her way to the heart of the oil sands, Fort McMurray, and has been here ever since.  She calls YMM home alongside her husband (Brett), stepson (Cameron) & dog (Rolo).  With being a professional pet blogger her passion for being an animal advocate & animal lover has stretched beyond our region reaching all over the world with her blog “Confessions of a Rescue Mom”.  The blog was inspired by her Internet-famous, former shelter dog, Rolo who was adopted from the Fort McMurray SPCA in 2011.  She loves sharing tips & ideas on how to make your pet parent experience perfect!