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The Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association.

"To foster and encourage the growth and enjoyment of the sport of baseball by teaching the value of sportsmanship, skills and competition." —The House League Philosophy

Each year, the Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association (FMMBA) is inspiring more than 400 kids in our community to get active and make their dreams a reality.

Their mission statement, “To provide a quality, equal-opportunity ball program which builds and promotes athletic abilities, team work and life skills in a safe, structured and fun atmosphere,” is what guides the Association’s programming, and their programming is truly hitting a home run.

The FMMBA’s House League, which begins each year in early May, typically wraps up with a final tournament during the last weekend of June. This year, however, they are extending into July and August for players who are available.

The House League program is the number one priority of the Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association. The program provides an opportunity for young people born in 2010 or later, and gives them fun experience of playing baseball. With a focus on learning the value of sportsmanship and building character through competition in the league play, participation in the House League is determined by age.

The youngest children are given the opportunity to play all positions while participating in T-Ball and Rookie. As the kids progress into the higher levels, they are rotated through pitching position; with equal rotation of all other positions, all players have an opportunity to play each position.

For young people looking for the opportunity to develop their skills and play at higher levels of competition, the FMMBA offers competitive baseball through a “Rep Program”. Starting with a group of 10 and 11-year-olds, kids can continue through until age 18.

Players interested in participating go through evaluations or tryouts in the early spring of each year, where the players’ baseball skills, development potential, sportsmanship, perceived dedication to the program, and other factors are taken into consideration.

With a commitment to player development and encouraging players to reach the next level of baseball, the rep program requires a significant commitment made by each player and his or her parents in order to have a successful experience. With practices typically twice per week, and playing most weekends starting in early May through to August, there are additional opportunities, depending on how the teams do, to participate in Provincial, National and Western Canadian Championships, if the teams qualify.

For kids looking to play baseball even while the snow flies, the Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association also offers Winterball, as well as a Winter Baseball Camp - a great opportunity to work on baseball skills with top notch professional coaches.

For more information on the Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association, visit