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Educare: Making Learning Fun for Everyone

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Educare is not “just a preschool”, and all families can benefit from the program. Here in Fort McMurray, families with children ages three to five-years-old can access Educare Early Intervention, a non-profit organization located in Thickwood Heights Elementary School. The program provides children with unique learning opportunities to support their growth; socially, physically, intellectually, creatively, and emotionally.

Educare promotes excellence in programming, advocacy, and offers a place for families to access resources. Educare helps to prepare children for personal and academic success by providing high quality programs that integrate language, language enrichment, family wellness, and early childhood development.

The family as a whole is just as important as the children who attend Educare. Their Family Resource Consultant, Dawna Backhouse, provides support to their families, as needed. Furthermore, she offers parenting workshops, which are open to the community, throughout the year.

Tina Tetreault is the Educare Program Director and has worked there for the past 13 years. “Our goal at Educare is to prepare children for their educational future. To guide them, share with them, and support them in their interests and ideas. Myself, and the Educare team holds Educare’s beliefs and philosophy dear to our hearts. Educare is not only our job, it is our family.”

“Our program registrants come to us through a variety of ways: word of mouth, previous families enrolled in the program, as well as social media. We offer three different classes, with 18 spots in each, so we provide programming for 54 children per year,” says Lynette Butt, who has been Educare’s Office Manager and Vice President for the past eight years. Parents wishing to enroll their children can contact the organization to learn more about the programs and to be added to registration list.

As a non-profit organization Educare must fundraise in order to keep such a quality program in the community. “The most recent big event for us was our annual Shamrock Shindig presented by Syncrude Canada Ltd., which was held this past March 15th at the Quality Hotel and Conference Centre,” says Lynette. “Parents play a huge part in the event’s success by volunteering their time to make the event manageable for a small yet busy office.”

The money netted through fundraising goes back into enhancing the programming. Last year’s event raised $80,000 dollars and the events success continues to be growing momentum year after year; with thanks to contributions from local corporate sponsors. The evening included a dinner, dance, live and silent auctions, as well as games and prizes.

For more information on how to register a child, or inquires about their Shindig, contact:

Educare Early Intervention, 96 Silin Forest Rd., Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3A1, Ph: 780.743.3464, Fx: 780.715.3648 E:


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