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A New Family favourite: MR MIKES SteakhousCasual

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Opened last December, MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual is owned by Mike Durocher, who has been a local resident for over 23 years. He shares the inspiration behind starting the eatery.

“As a long-term resident I’ve enjoyed many restaurants in town, but wanted to see a new menu. A group of three of us came across this investment, and nobody had this menu. MR MIKE’s is the fastest growing franchise in Canada with 43 stores currently and going to 90 by 2023. So it worked out well,” explains Durocher.

“The first MR MIKES was opened by two brothers, Bob and Nick Constabaris, who wanted to offer an amazing steak dinner at an affordable price.” The SteakhouseCasual name was coined in 2010 by three entrepreneurs, who shared a love for food and socializing.

The spacious restaurant – all 5,300 square feet of it – is eye-catching upon entrance with unique art work. It has a capacity of 165 with the lounge included with room for another 60 on the patio.

“We have a beautiful 800 ft. elevated patio with Toucans and Parrots – they are plastic, but actually keep the birds away, which is appreciated by our guests,” chuckles Durocher.

SteakhouseCasual prides itself on choices from chicken, ribs, and steaks to Langostino lobster. There is a gluten-friendly, not gluten-free menu, which means the establishment takes no responsibility for cross-contamination as it’s not a gluten-free restaurant. Keto steaks are also on the menu, which are selling like “hotcakes.”

“We like to keep our menu fresh, and looking at expanding the variety. The chain is constantly evolving, and that’s what we wanted. We want to be proactive, and understand the needs of our guests. Stay tuned.”

And, then there is the family-friendly atmosphere.

“We didn’t want a place where people would come in to get stupid drunk. We love seeing the children enjoy, and families playing board games as they wait for their food. We have Jenga and Connect 4, both giant-size for the patio too. It’s great to see people not on their phones when they come here. Our shareholders are family people, married long-term, and this really resonated with us,” Durocher continues.

Troy Paterson – Operations Manager, Pioneer Rentals agrees. He visits the restaurant often, and notes he is a regular for many reasons.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere at MR MIKES. Whether it’s for family with kids or a gathering after work, they have you covered. The appetizers are not served along with the main course, which would give you the ‘hurry up, eat and get out’ feeling. Also the menu is not your typical pub menu and has an excellent selection - even for picky eaters like me. MR MIKES is good quality food, good quality atmosphere with good quality staff/owners. All of this combined makes it an easy choice to be my go-to for a meal and a night out.”

Craig Owen with Newodrywall echoes those sentiments. He visits MR MIKES three to four times a week, and it’s now his favourite.

“I met Mike on the first day and immediately liked him. He makes you feel at home with his fun conversations. The food is excellent, and the staff is very friendly. They look after your needs. Christine is a very good and friendly waitress. I appreciate the clean restaurant and bathrooms. I visit many restaurants in town, but MR MIKES is by far my favourite. I always look forward to my next visit.”

At the end of the day, for Durocher – it is all about providing that community and family feeling.

“It’s great to be part of this community, and to see we are providing a choice to the region, which makes it great to live here,” Durocher shared.

MR MIKES is located at 3-8520 Manning Avenue.


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