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Partners in Promoting Local Youth & Sport - Fort McMurray Public Schools and 2018 Alberta Winter Games

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It’s Games Time, and we are ready! Fort McMurray Public School District (FMPSD) is delighted to partner with the 2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games. Congratulations in advance to all our student athletes, staff, and volunteers for participating, and supporting. You are winners in our books.

Games run from February 16 to 19 across Wood Buffalo. Christina Gordon Public School, Ecole McTavish Junior High School, Walter and Gladys Hill Public School, and Westwood Community High School will be athletes’ villages housing our guest athletes. Westwood will also host the official boxing event.

Phil Meagher, Chief Deputy Superintendent, FMPSD, and Games co-chair for cross-country skiing is looking forward to the event.

“We have four skiers this year, who will be very competitive and fighting for podium positions,” shares Meagher.

“It will be a delight to showcase our facilities, our schools, and Wood Buffalo to guests and athletes visiting us. Games are always fun and to spend five days immersed in my favourite sport is like a dream,” adds Meagher, who estimates participating in over 15 Games thus far as a skier, and coach.

Linda Mywaart, Board Chair, FMPSD, is delighted with this collaboration.

“Community partnerships to work on behalf of youth is a natural fit for the District. The Games showcase the talents of Alberta’s young people and provide a great opportunity for local youth to be inspired by perhaps participating themselves or watching other skilled athletes in action. We live in a beautiful region, with some great facilities including our schools, and hope that our contribution will be part of a successful event for everyone involved in the Games.”

Michelle Toner, General Manager, 2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games, appreciates FMPSD for the support.

“For athletes, the experience of staying in an Athlete Village is a major part of the Games. Without the support of the Fort McMurray Public School District we wouldn’t be able to make this happen. Being able to work alongside school administrators, teachers and support staff allows the Host Society to create an environment that is safe and memorable. Our partnership with the school board has allowed the Host Society to hold fast in our commitment to being fiscally responsible, it allows us to showcase to the Province our amazing schools and provides an opportunity for these young athletes to create memories of a lifetime,” Toner enthuses.

“Educators are in the business of youth. There are no better ambassadors for our Games than the staff of the Fort McMurray Public School District, and for that we will be forever grateful,” she says.

Peter Peraino is one of those educators, who has gone above and beyond to coach volleyball during the Games. An FMPSD teacher for eight years now, he works at Ecole McTavish, and is the founder of Thunder Volleyball, a local group.

“Some 36 athletes from all over our Zone 7 tried out for 12 positions. The volleyball competition is for U15 athletes which include grades 8 through 10.  It’s been a blast so far working with the best volleyball players in our Zone,” explains Peraino.

“The team is comprised of players from six towns including two local athletes. It’ll be exciting to be competing at home in front of friends and family, as well as showcasing some of our local players at a higher level of play. Our goals for the Winter Games are to enjoy the experience and compete as best as we can. We are not a big team, so we are focusing on playing a fast and aggressive game,” he notes.

Best of luck to all athletes participating in the Games.


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