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Five Years of YMM

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For five years the pages of Your McMurray Magazine have come alive with the stories of the people, places, and things of our beautiful region. We have been blessed with the talents, skills and passions of writers and photographers dedicated to telling these stories, and advertisers and supporters who passionately back our vision.

But all of this would be for naught, if not for you, our readers. When our team works on each issue of the magazine, you are who we are thinking about. The issues that matter to you; the stories that impact you; the sense of pride and excitement that you deserve to feel about your home...these are the reasons we work so concertedly to deliver Your McMurray Magazine to you.

A Brief History of Your McMurray Magazine

  • Balsom Communications incorporated in June 2012 and at the same time “Your McMurray Magazine” was trade named and promotions began to enlist help for the inaugural edition.
  • First edition of Your McMurray Magazine launched November 2012 and there were four editions in Volume One.
  • In Volume Two we moved to a bi-monthly format with six regular editions throughout the year, starting in December 2013.
  • The Happy Holiday Guide was launched in 2013 and has now seen five issues published annually in the fall.
  • Our annual Home and Garden Guide was next to be added in Spring 2014.
  • Volume 3 (December 2014) was when we switched from a graphic cover to a photographic one, although the cover of 3.1 was artwork from the Newsmakers of the Year feature, so the first true photographic cover was 3.2 (February 2015).
  • After the devastating wildfire that swept through the city in May 2016, Your McMurray Magazine published a Special 2016 Wildfire Commemorative Edition to tell the story of the event that changed each and everyone’s lives and pay tribute to those who gave so much.
  • A second special edition followed in 2017 with the publication of Wildfire: One Year Later, taking a look back over the year since the disaster as the community came together to rebuild.
  • The first annual Food and Entertainment Guide (in partnership with Fort McMurray Tourism) launched in July 2017.

So much to look forward to with the launch of a new annual special edition with the brand-new “YMM Parent” brand launching in summer 2018!


On behalf of the team at Your McMurray Magazine, it is our honour to thank you, our readers, for your support over the years. We are so excited as we look to the future. Here’s to many more years of creating a magazine for everyone who lives, works, and plays here.


Thank you to all of our local contributors over the past five years. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Natalie Abriel

Chris Acaso

Cindy Amerongen

Joanne Angel

Tyran Ault

Hilary Banks

Jessica Barry

Michael Beamish

Jason Beck

Nicole Benson

Dawn Booth*

Alanna Bottrell

Dave Boutilier

Eden Boutilier

Mindy Brar

Jeff Brown

Denise Brunsdon

Sue Chaffey

Vanessa Cheeseman

Carol Christian*

Buffy Close

Brandon Cooper

Patrick Dardis

Erin Dolanksy

Ann Dort-MacLean

Lauren Elliott

Cait Evans

Maggie Farrington

Michelle Farrow

Kim Farwell

Denise Francisco

Hanna Fridhed

Brenna Fynes

Mardi Getty

Travis Grant

Greg Halinda

Adam Hardiman

Kyle Harrietha

Holly Hashimi

Nolan Haukeness

Jasmin Herold

Rob Hickey

Janene Hickman

Denise Hildebrand

Monica Hill

Anthony Hoffman

Samra Ilyas

Rachel Ivey

Michael Jesso*

Arianna Johnson

Mike Jones

Brad Karp

Ben Kennett

Jennifer Kennett

Tyler King

Rick Kirschner

Ashley Kowalewski

Ashley Laurenson

Dan Lines

Tom MacIsaac

Amanda Main

Kiran Malik-Khan*

Kimberley Matchem

Nancy Mattes

Jesse Meyer

Carol Morrissey Hopkins

Diana Moser

Danielle Murgatroyd

Verna Murphy*

Emma Murray

Jerry Neville

Anna Noble

Misty Oakes

Paula Ogonoski

Curtis J. Phillips

Robbie Picard

Justin Pyl

Steve Reeve

Alan Roberts

Amelia Schofield

Steph Seidel

Justin Shaw

Diane Shuldt-Zundel

Dawn Sidoroff

Tim Slootman

Wendy Solbak

Kizzie Sutton

Paul Swanson

Lana Sweeney

Heidi Taves

Shelley Termuende

Heather Thomas

Lindsay Thomas

Mary Thomas

Russell Thomas*

Kevin Thornton


Jon Tupper

Jessica Weber

Chris Wells

Theresa Wells

Loriley White

Scott Wilson

Terri Windover

Darren Yee



*A special thank-you to these contributors who have been with the magazine since the very beginning and have continued to be regular contributors over the past five years.