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Celebrating 20 Years With Educare

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When you think of Educare Preschool, here are some of the comments that may come to mind...


I‘ve never heard of it.”


Where are they now?

“Educare? I hear they are really hard to get in to.”

“My child goes to early entry because they start kindergarten in the fall.”

Did you know that Educare just celebrated its 20th Anniversary? That’s 20 years of Fort McMurray children...that‘s 1,000 children and families! Some might say it‘s a hidden gem ...because of our locations being unknown. The fact is though, Educare has been a strong early intervention program for 20 years.  Educare Early Intervention (Educare Preschool) is not just a preschool, it’s an early intervention program for all children, all abilities, all needs. When it comes to children who are recognized as having challenges, Educare is there to help them and their families through the first years of school. For the parents who register their children in Educare unknowingly that there could be challenges for their child, possibly attention, sensory, gross motor etc, Educare is there with staff that are able to quickly recognize potential needs and provides the tools and services needed to help move along the process for support in the future. (Educare has a great partnership with the Fort McMurray Public School District; they provide the supports needed for children requiring assistance!)  For typically developing children Educare is there to prepare them for kindergarten. All of the above-mentioned children, regardless of needs and abilities, need to be able to cope in kindergarten not only academically, but socially and emotionally too; that‘s Educare’s goal. Educare is not a preschool to learn ABC’s and 123’s (although this does occur within playing and activities) Educare is a child-led, teacher guided program providing themed activities daily so that the children can learn the necessary skills to better prepare them for kindergarten, almost all through play that is!

Children at Educare can start as early as 3-years-old. At three the children have the opportunity to attend Educare for two years, at which children can then enter directly into kindergarten.  A child entering at 4 years old will be just as prepared for the following year of kindergarten as any other program in the community.

Located inside Thickwood Heights School,  you can count on Educare to make sure your child has the most amazing experience of being exposed to so many opportunities including our Early Childhood Development program, music, art, dramatic play, water play, sand play, library centres, book lending library, pre-printing skill building, gross motor developments and assessments (provided by the Clearwater Physical Therapy), field trips.

There are also programs designed to help the children who might need a little extra support in sensory therapy, gross motor development, or speech and language.  Our Kin-Cares Sensory Room is available for all children.  Educare also has a Speech Language Pathologist on staff to meet all children’s speech needs or supports.


For more information on this unique program in our municipality, or be added to our waiting/registration list, visit