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Magazine Project at Greely Road Public School Creates Keepsakes

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Poems, stories, comics, art, and more - Greely Road Public School’s “Zine Project” came together beautifully. Grades three to six students created class magazines, which they could treasure forever.

Organized by teachers Lori Mercer-Stagg, and Amy Attwood, the activity culminated into a school wide display.  

“The goal of the project was to give students and parents a tangible piece of work, which they could keep forever. It was an overall summary of some of the language arts outcomes covered this year. There was also a lot of choice involved in this project so students took on much ownership which leads to better results,” explains Mercer-Stagg, who has been with the Fort McMurray Public School District (FMPSD) for two years.

“The students worked on story writing, comics, poetry, facts, art work, test your knowledge, how to write a table of contents and other fun filled pages,” adds Attwood, who is in her 10th year at Greely Road.

Students and parents enjoyed seeing the finished products.

“Students were very excited to create their “zine” and couldn’t wait to share their finished product with family and friends. Parents had many positive things to say about the project. They were even given post-it notes to write a positive message for their child and stick on the inside of their project. Students were very excited to read these messages and parents are very eager for students to bring the Zines home,” the teachers shared.


Photo: Amy Attwood and Lori Mercer with the Zine Project display


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