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Aurora Basketball

Rachel Ivey
BY Rachel Ivey
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Aurora Basketball is on its way to becoming the top youth sport program in Fort McMurray. Founded in 2015 by brother-sister duo, Dan and Brooke Briscoe, the basketball club strives to foster a premier basketball community in Northern Alberta, while promoting a fun and competitive environment that develops hard-working athletes for sport and life. The most recent house league season, Spring 2017, had over 500 Fort McMurrayites participating – 415 youth, and over 100 adults.

Aurora Basketball is the only basketball program in the Fort McMurray area that offers year-round basketball training, seasonal house leagues, and summer camps. The club has provided hundreds of boys and girls in ECDP to Grade 8 with an opportunity to learn the game. The house leagues are a wonderful introduction to the sport for beginners, but also challenge players who have been with the club for multiple seasons. The program focuses on developing the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in the sport, while also giving the participants an opportunity to play organized games and compete for a league championship. The programs that Aurora Basketball offers are suitable for anyone with a love for the game of basketball.

The club is now looking to become competitive with clubs from larger cities in the province. Earlier this year, Aurora Basketball launched their boys’ Elite programs. Elite is an opportunity for Fort McMurray’s strongest players to improve their skills and travel through Alberta to showcase their talent. This past Spring, the U11 and U14 Elite teams went on their first out-of-town tournaments to represent the city and compete with some of Alberta’s top young athletes. The next step in the Elite process will be to offer these same opportunities for young girls.

Some other new additions for 2017 were the Aurora Basketball Men’s and Women’s Leagues. Playing men’s or women’s league is a great way to stay fit, meet new people, and keep up with the sport. These recreational leagues are fun and competitive. They give adults in our community an opportunity to get out and get active!

The organization is always looking to grow and improve on the programs that they offer. Beginning this Fall, Aurora Basketball hopes to expand into several rural communities in Northern Alberta to encourage the growth of the sport. Many children in these areas have not had the opportunity to learn the game in an organized setting. The club believes that everyone should have access to quality coaching and the sport that they love.

Much of the progress of the club can be attributed to its dedicated community coaches. Coaching is a great way to get involved with the development of basketball in Fort McMurray. There are currently over 20 volunteers who devote several hours a week to improving the future of basketball in this city. Aurora Basketball is continually looking for part-time community coaches to help them lead the way. Anyone with experience playing or coaching basketball is encouraged to reach out to the organization and get involved! The club would not run without the assistance of these important members of the YMM community.

Aurora Basketball began as a small youth basketball club, but has grown into so much more than that. The Aurora Basketball Family – made up of parents, athletes, coaches, and referees – has flourished into a group of passionate people who are working to improve the community through the sport. Whether your child plays with Aurora for one summer camp, or several house league seasons, Aurora Basketball hopes that he or she grows into a better basketball player, and more importantly a better person.

See you on the court!


For more information, visit our website at or find us on Facebook at Aurora Basketball. If you have any questions about Aurora Basketball or the programs that we offer, please get in touch with us at 780-881-2968, or! We would love to hear from you.