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FuseSocial Agency Showcase

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These are just some of the hardworking organizations in Wood Buffalo making a difference. To learn more about them, and all the other amazing ones in our region, dial 211.

Fort McMurray Golf Club Situated right beside the Athabasca River, the club is a sports social-profit organization that provides an important recreational service to the community. The Edmonton Sun rates it as a ‘must play’ course in Alberta, as well as a venue for events, dinners, charity days and other functions that raise money for philanthropic groups and social profits in the community. Last May the fires hit the golf-course hard. Though the damage to the course wasn’t critical, the clubhouse was burned to the ground. From being an organization that supported others, they are now just as deserving of our support as they rebuild. If you want to help, contact 780-743-5577


Some Other Solutions The abbreviation SOS is a distress signal that was easy to send in morse code; three dits (S), then three dahs (O) followed by three more dits. …---… Some Other Solutions seeks to go one better. In addition to responding to crises, they also attempt to prevent the events that give rise to such situations. As well as the critical work they do powering the Crisis Line 780-743-4357, many of their programs are aimed at helping of people marginalized by society. If you need help or information, if you feel distressed or worried, call the Crisis Line, 780-743-4357 (because it cannot be emphasized enough) To contact their offices, email them through their web page, or call them at 780-743-8605


211 Similar in principle to the 911 emergency number except for non-emergencies, 211 is a round-the-clock confidential and multilingual phone information system for residents of Fort McMurray. Everyday someone in the community needs help finding services. With all the choices available, phone books, help lines, the Internet, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to try first. A single call to 211 solves all. If you need something, 211 knows where to direct you, when it is available, how much it costs and what your other options are. In addition, you talk to someone who may be able to point out other things you need to deal with your needs. Contact: 211 (of course)


The Support Through Housing Team Society When a client decides to make some changes in one’s life STHT is there to support them. STHT works with and through other agencies to help clients make and maintain their own independent living arrangements. They offer a ‘wrap-around’ support, linking individuals and families with those agencies that will help them make changes in their lives Everybody has a different struggle, a different path. The STHT offers a means to facilitate tailor-made strategies to housing solutions. They support clients who want to make a change, and this support continues even after housing has been found. Contact: Program Manager at 780-748-1239, 


Justin Slade Youth Foundation The JSYF is aimed at empowering youth to make better life choices and to express themselves in a positive way through music, drama, art and sport. It grew out of a tragic car accident that took Justin’s life in 2004. His love of life and desire to make a difference was the inspiration for this foundation. Aimed at the youth of the community aged 12 -18, it offers a casual drop-in service as well as programming aimed at creating opportunities for community engagement and social interaction. In addition, they sponsor arts programs, sports leagues, volunteer possibilities, or even just a place to hang out, the Dugout at Borealis Park. Contact: Mandy MacDonald at 780-715-0010,


Fort McMurray Search & Rescue This is a trained volunteer organization that will assist, when asked, the local emergency services organizations and police to search for missing persons. Their expertise lies in having highly qualified volunteers ready for ground search operations. This training includes First Aid and CPR training as well as the Search and Rescue Course which requires a commitment to training. Given the terrain around us and the severity of the weather that search and rescue operations work in, it is really important for volunteers to be committed to the cause and up to date on the training. Want to know more? Contact: Yvette Carlin


Critical Incident Stress Management CISM for Communities is one of the newer social-profits in Fort McMurray. Critical Incident Stree Management is a type of crisis intervention designed to provide support for those who have experienced traumatic events  Formed in 2014, it has been ideally positioned to help people suffering from the effects of a traumatic critical incident. In addition, they have been offering training in CISM to interested volunteers as well as first responders who have been helping the community to deal with stress. Visit their website, or contact Valerie O’Leary,


Educare Educare Early Intervention was founded by a local teacher, Kim Farrell. She believed in the need for quality programs for children and families, and understood that investing in children from birth to five years of age pays huge dividends when they enter kindergarten, and in their families’ quality of life. Educare works with children and their parents, focussing on early literacy intervention and language development. Teachers notice the difference that Educare makes as kids are better prepared to meet the challenges that take place in the schools. The three options, 2-hour classes that run as one of 2,3, or 4 days a week programs are explained on the website,, or you can contact Lynette Butt at 780-743-3464,


Habitat for Humanity & NSUUR The Wood Buffalo branch of Habitat for Humanity opened in 1998. Its mission is to build affordable housing for people in need and it inspires volunteers and community partners to get directly involved. In addition, they are part of the group behind NSUUR, (NGOs Supporting Uninsured and Underinsured Residents). This gathering of organizations is aimed at helping property owners with financial troubles in the wake of the wildfires of 2016. If you are struggling to rebuild, contact If you wish to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or if you want to talk to them about housing help, then please contact Crystal Lewis-Wilton 780-804-1311.


Nistawoyou The Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre, located at 8310 Manning Avenue in downtown Fort McMurray, offers a broad range of programs and services for all age groups that build upon traditional Aboriginal values and culture. They offer after school programs, Youth evenings, Parent Cafés, Coffee Cree chats and cultural events designed to enhance awareness among the Aboriginal people of the region. In addition, the centre often hosts meetings important to the community and province. And don’t forget the Elders Dinner on the last Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m. Contact Teresa at 780-743-8555, 


Careers: The Next Generation This is a unique, non-profit organization raising youth awareness of career options and helping students earn while they learn through internship. They work with government, educators, communities, industry, parents and students to introduce youth to rewarding careers and develop skilled workers for the future. The ‘Explore’ tab on their website provides interesting links to over 200 trades and occupations, including interactivity that is sure to engage young adults. If you want to know more, the local contact is Elaine Read, RMWB Team Lead, 780-791-4947


ACFA, régionale de Wood Buffalo L’Association Canadienne Française de l’Alberta, régionale de Wood Buffalo a été fondée en 1980. Son but est de promouvoir le bien-être culturel, intellectuel, social et économique des francophones. Depuis plus de 37 ans, elle est au service de la communauté francophone. Elle organise des événements culturels et a mis sur pied le seul service à la petite enfance francophone (de 0 mois à 5 ans), un service de halte-scolaire avant et après l’école ainsi qu’un service pour les nouveaux arrivants. Elle contribue au développement économique de la région avec son service de réseautage, un service d’accueil, un accès gratuit à l’internet, télécopieur, téléphone et photocopieur. Elle offre aussi le cours de sécurité (CSTS) avec la possibilité d’un service de traduction. Contact Angelina Gionet at 780-791-7700,