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Hey Mac! Tell Us Where You’re At!

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Mac the Monkey is a tale of volunteerism at its simplest and best. It begins as the story of a guy named Brad. Brad lives in Ontario but when he saw what happened in Fort McMurray last May he was one of the many thousands of people who wanted to help in the recovery process. Fortunately, the company he worked for, Shell, was enabling volunteers from within their ranks. Shortly after re-entry, Brad was one of the people who worked the information tables as the people of Fort McMurray came home again.

One of the prized toys for the families coming back were the TELUS stuffed toys. Brad was given one of the monkeys so he could take it home to his son Carter. It’s not really a big stuffy, four inches long, brown and white, just about the right size for a pocket.

Carter loved this monkey out of all proportion to its size.

So did Scout, the family dog. And when a dog loves a stuffed toy, roughhousing occurs. Scout made merry with the monkey, who sadly did not survive the encounter.

Carter was bereft. The monkey had been loved way beyond its brief existence as a member of his stuffy family. It was his Dad’s special volunteer stuffy and Scout, well he was naturally enough in the doghouse.

In desperation, Brad got in touch with FuseSocial and told them his sorrowful tale of woe. It tugged at their heartstrings and the staff of FuseSocial promised to do what they could.

The trouble was that TELUS had many different plush toys that they’d been handing out. There were hippos, bunnies, seahorses both purple and yellow. Then there was a red fox, a silver snow leopard and a brown lion cub; and the monkey. In a roomful of cute stuffies, the monkey out-cuted all the others and was the most popular of them all.

Which meant there were none left.

The FuseSocial team hit the phones and started to hunt. Finally, after much begging and beseeching, they managed to find a replacement monkey. Off he went back to Ontario. Young Carter, delighted with his new toy, named this one Mac in honour of Fort McMurray and his Dad’s work as a volunteer.

And that’s when the idea gathered some speed. What if all volunteers were eligible for a Mac stuffed toy? And so was born the idea of “Hey Mac Tell Us Where You Are At”.

TELUS loved the idea and partnered with FuseSocial to host a weekly contest on Country 93.3 to recognize the fabulous volunteers in our community. Anyone signed up on is eligible for his/her own Mac the Monkey, and that little critter is your ticket for a chance to win some great prizes. Listen to the afternoon show with Mike Jones, call in and answer the questions. (Big, big hint. A lot of the answers will be found in our Mac the Monkey Facebook Group. Once you are signed up on WBVolunteers you can join this group to join the fun.

And then there’s more. If you post a photo of yourself with your monkey on the Facebook Group and the hashtag #macthemonkey you’ll also be eligible for the big monthly prize.

How do you get your Mac the Monkey? If you are already registered as a volunteer on, stop by FuseSocial, 604 Signal Road, Suite B2 and pick up your own Mac.

If you haven’t registered yet, go to, then come and get a Mac the Monkey.


Any questions? Call 780-791-9333 extension 8211. Start monkeying about. Volunteer today.