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Your McMurray Magazine’s Top 50 Under 50

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2016 will go down in the history books as one of the hardest in Fort McMurray history due to the tragic wildfire that attacked our region in May. However, we also believe that it will also be remembered as one of the best. The best because of the people who stepped up and who showcased what we knew all along - the best people in Canada live in Wood Buffalo. The thing is - this was true before the fires. Yes, the fires helped bring to light new leaders and new inspirational figures, but our team thought it would be a good idea to start a new program that recognized some of our region’s finest. The group of people on this list, would all be on this list pre-fire and we did that on purpose. It was important to us to highlight people who are making a difference and have been doing it all along and who also did their part to help during the fires and this long recovery period we’re all facing.

We know that there are countless others who could have made this list, and we know that everyone will not agree with our choices. But we do hope you’ll understand and respect all the hardworking, passionate community leaders who did make the list. On this list, you’ll find a lot of diverse people, who come from so many different backgrounds, cultures and ways of life. What they all have in common is their love for our city and region.

Join us as we celebrate all 50 Top 50 Under 50 recipients (well actually 54, since we cheated and named four “Power Couples”) - all of whom are incredibly extraordinary people. We celebrate their accomplishments, dreams and passion for making this part of the world, Fort McMurray and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the very best it can be.

Please note that this list is not ranked and all recipients are listed in alphabetical order.

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Thank you to the selection panel that put together our first ever “Top 50 Under 50”. It wasn’t easy to put together this list and we appreciate the hard work that each of you put in to ensure we showcased a broad and diverse group of Wood Buffalo residents focused on making an impact. We look forward to continuing this program in 2017 with another group of 50 hard-working community leaders and who knows – maybe you’ll make the list!

2016 YMM Top 50 Under 50 Selection Panel:

  • Amelia Schofield
  • Brandon Cooper
  • Verna Murphy
  • Melane Leblanc
  • Joanne Meredith
  • Constance Scarlett
  • Peter Fortna
  • John Evans
  • Brad Lucier
  • Krista Balsom

A huge thanks also goes out to Jerry and Jennifer Neville of Neville Video Productions for the videos of each of our recipients. You can view these on our Facebook page and website at