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Educare Early Intervention is NOT Just Another Preschool

As a Fort McMurray-based preschool program for children ages three to five-years-old (as well as their families), the language-rich environment of Educare allows children to improve and increase their language, social, emotional, and problem-solving skills, self-esteem, and self-confidence; all while having fun!

This non-profit charitable organization, founded by Kim Farrell in 1996, ensures that there are four teachers for every 18 students, and changes themes every month. The result is that the children who graduate from Educare show the benefits of a well-rounded program where the interests of the kids are incorporated into their daily program, with a teacher guided – child directed play environment.

Their focus on early literacy intervention and language, and family-focused programs such as Family Literacy and Family Resource, means it’s not only their students, but the families of their students who are benefitting from this multifaceted approach to learning.

Another factor that sets Educare apart within our municipality is that of their students receive speech-language services from their Speech-Language Pathologist. A former Educare parent shares, “At the age of three-and-a-half, my daughter could not be understood by anybody other than close family, but she was writing her name at home by October because of her interest in learning and writing, and everyone can understand her spoken word now.”

In fact, tests confirm significant changes in the children’s language skills between the beginning and the end of the school year. In a six-month period, the kids from Educare had an average Receptive Vocabulary Growth of 17.5 months…rather than the expected six months.

Educare follows their students’ progression after moving on to kindergarten, and has found that compared to the 9 per cent of students who experience significant difficulty upon entering kindergarten, not one Educare child has.

The solid foundations in early learning being established by Educare Early Intervention is truly making a difference in the young children of our community.

Looking for a way to support Educare Early Intervention?

Their seventh annual Shamrock Shindig will take place on March 14th , 2015 and promises to be a spectacular evening with dinner, dancing, live and silent auctions, games and prizes and so much more! For more information or tickets, call 780-743-3464

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