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The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

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The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) is the leading health, safety and environmental organization for professionals in Canada. Founded in 1949 by a small group of dedicated individuals drawn together in the common cause of accident prevention, this group has grown from a provincially-based organization, to one with 5,000 members around the world.

Working with industry, governmental agencies, and other safety organizations to promote a greater awareness in workplaces and communities, the Fort McMurray chapter is one of over 30 across the country and has grown to over 140 local members.

Why was this local chapter started? Thirty-five years ago it was a challenge to leave the community to attend conferences, or to have a network of safety professionals to meet with and share information. The goal of starting the Fort McMurray CSSE was to allow safety professionals to network and pursue professional development at a local level.

With a mission statement of “To build and sustain a dynamic local chapter which is dedicated to professional networking, and development of its members,” this group stays committed by developing relationships with other like-minded groups, such as the Wood Buffalo Regional Safety Committee, Safe Communities Wood Buffalo, and the Coalition for a Safe 63 and 88. This encourages the groups to share resources, and to reach a broader group.

The CSSE provides many courses to safety professionals, and having a strong chapter in Fort McMurray has allowed the group to bring several courses a year to our region. As well, members of the Chapter meet on a regular basis to give members the opportunity to network and share information.

Unfortunately, one of the challenges when it comes to occupational health and safety is the mentality that “It can’t happen to me.” Sadly, there are too many people who find out the hard way that yes, it can! The CSSE is passionate about education and awareness, as that knowledge can be used at home and at work.

Membership in the Fort McMurray CSSE is the perfect means for health and safety professionals of all levels to expand their knowledge, enrich their expertise, and explore future issues, strategies and trends. With several membership categories designed to meet your individual needs, joining this group committed to safety, health and environmental professionals is an excellent way to make a difference in your workplace and at home.

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