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Effective Job Search IN FORT McMURRAY

I hate to burst the bubble of the job hunter who’s searching through, but it doesn’t work. One of the most heard lines in our employment office is, “I applied online to dozens of places but haven’t heard back.” My question is, “Did you follow up? Do you know the company? Are you sitting back waiting for a job to find you?” So let’s talk about how to find a job here, and what you can do to help.

Move away from the “Job Search Engines”. Try something new. If you know a company you would like to work for, like them on Facebook, send them a private message with some of your background info. Set up a Twitter account. Many of the large companies now have HR accounts and tweet their new postings much faster than their website can post.

Clean up your Social Media or set your privacy. I am sent hundreds of messages a year on our Facebook page (FortMcMurrayJobs), people asking for employment or advice. Some of the pictures and links I have seen could be classified from creepy to crazy. Here’s a test: Google yourself and see what comes up; would you hire that person?

Join a club or volunteer. Let’s be honest, a lot of name hiring happens in this town, so get out there and meet some people. Volunteer Wood Buffalo can help you find an organization that matches your interests or career aspirations. To volunteer visit

Look around you, company trucks are everywhere in Fort McMurray and many companies do not have websites or take online applications. While driving around McMurray, read the truck next to you, research them and give them a call, or visit if you’re interested. Better yet, start talking to the person driving the truck (if you are parked somewhere of course) and get some info from them.

Come to our Alberta Works Office (9915 Franklin Ave). We can provide tips on improving your resume, job search, and interview prep. We also have lots of employers that come straight to us with new postings because they know they might find someone right away in our Employment Centre.

Job search itself is a job and should reflect the amount of work you will put into your work. If you seem motivated, positive and committed an employer will recognize that and snatch you up (also remember that for your resume). Fort McMurray is full of great opportunities that are ready to be seized; it sometimes just takes a bit of work and dedication to get there.


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