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Tips for Job Fairs

I recently hosted a job fair at which almost 1,500 people attended. As an organizer it is always a great experience because I get to speak with job seekers during the event, and then to the employers after. I receive lots of feedback from both sides. With the job fair season approaching, including the annual Keyano College Career Fair, I have come up with some job fair tips. It is important to prepare, and not just show up hoping they will be handing out jobs. For everyone that complains about applying online and not hearing back, this is your opportunity to put a face to the name.

1.Bring your resume. Seems simple, but it is the first thing employers are going to ask for. Make sure it’s up to date, and clean (meaning no pen marks, dirt or rips). Your resume is a reflection of the effort you will put into a job.

2. Know what companies will be there and what they are hiring for. The #1 complaint from HR departments is the candidate who says, “What jobs are you hiring for?” and “I will take anything.” I cringe when I hear people say that, and can see their resume being put to the side. The company wants to know what you can do for them, not vice versa.

3. Manners. Shut your phone off. It is very difficult to take someone seriously when they are reading texts while applying for a job. In addition, take out your ear piece. Talking to someone with their phone in their ear (literally), it makes it difficult for an employer to take someone seriously.

4. Be professional. Dress like you are going to an interview; leave the jogging pants and hoodies at home. There is a happy medium though. If you are applying for a labour position I would recommend not wearing a suit to the job fair or interview.

5. Follow up. Now that the job fair is done, do not fade into the numbers of people who attended. If you are having a good conversation with an HR member, ask for his or her card, and to possibly follow-up the following week.

6. Be patient. It sometimes takes weeks to go through applications...don’t expect a call the following day.

On the first floor of the Provincial Building, there are Employment Counselors who can help you with applying online for jobs, preparing for career fairs and holding mock interviews. There are computers, fax machines and phones for your use while finding employment.

There is always an up-to-date list of Career Fairs happening around the Province at: As well, all of the Career Fairs we host are posted on our Fort McMurray Jobs Facebook Page.

Have a job hunting or human resources question? Email YMM at and we might print both your question and our answer in a future issue.


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