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Smart Eating at Boston Pizza

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Here at Boston Pizza, we take pride in knowing that we have a large selection of great dishes to offer to our guests when they come out for lunch and dinner or order takeout & delivery. What some of you may not know, is just how much we offer when it comes to making a more nutritious dining choice. 

Boston Pizza is a proud participant of the Informed Dining Program. Informed Dining is a voluntary program which provides nutritional information for all menu items to help you make balanced dining choices. Not all information is listed directly in the menu, but the nutrition guides are readily available in our restaurants or online at for any guest who is interested in the information. Our wide variety of menu items are sure to accommodate the dietary needs of everyone in your family or group of friends.

Our menu offers a great selection of “Smart Eats” items for the more health conscious guests. You can get anything from salad to steak to pasta. There’s even an option for the kids, oven baked low sodium chicken fingers. All Smart Eats items display directly in the menu what the calorie count is for that item, the amount of protein, the grams of fat, and the amount of sodium. This is displayed to help our guests make a rest assured decision when it comes to dining out. Just look for the red Smart Eats check mark next time you are looking for a more balanced meal. 

Food isn’t the only part of a balanced diet. As our Guests continue to consider healthier options when they are dining out, they are increasingly looking for low calorie all natural beverage options. Boston Pizza’s Hand Crafted Quenchers are a healthier alternative to accompany our guest meals without the calories of a traditional soft drink. Each quencher contains a maximum of 45 calories per serving (or less). They contain no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Each quencher is light, refreshing and contains no added sugar.  Guests have 3 great flavors to choose from; Black Raspberry, Mango Ginger, and Cucumber Lime, all are sure to satisfy and replace that soft drink craving.

Also, included in our selection is the “Glutenwise” menu, with over 14 meal choices and 2 desserts available. With many turning to a gluten free diet it can be difficult to dine out and find a meal that is not only suitable to your dietary needs but that also tastes great. At Boston Pizza, you can recreate some of your favorite pizzas and pastas by substituting for our Gluten Wise pizza dough and gluten wise fusilli. Our oven baked wings and slow roasted pork back ribs are also part of this great menu. See You Later Gluten!

All of that being said, we also take pride in our whole menu as being fresh, top quality ingredients and have best in class food combinations.  Our corporate head office is always looking for menu modifications to give the guest more health conscious options.  Our burger patty has three ingredients 100% Canadian beef, salt, and pepper.  Recently we have switched to Corn tortillas that have no artificial coloring! So, if you aren’t quite feeling the Cedar salmon, or house salad, you can enjoy our MVB Burger and now our nachos and trust the ingredients! What we do want our guests to feel is some comfort in knowing that you can go out to eat with family or friends, go on a date, or come out for lunch, and that your meal will not only be delicious but will fit any dietary restriction or preference you may have.