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Introducing...Constant Comfort

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A New Residential Division of HVAC Solutions Ltd.

Constant Comfort, headed up by Greg Lucier, is one of the newest residential heating and cooling companies in Fort McMurray.

Formed as a response to the rebuild, we are focused on quality residential service and installation. At Constant Comfort we deal with all brands of equipment, ensuring that customers are offered the best price and warranty for all makes and models.

When it comes to issues within a home we see a large variety problems such as sizing issues, (too big or too small) along with a number of code violations. Fort McMurray is a town where someone knows someone who can save you a buck and install your system.  What often happens though is the system gets installed and then all the issues arise.  Too hot/too cold, humidifiers not hooked up, or properly wire, venting issues and various code violations.  Part of our job is to educate the public on what is right and what is not.  That cheaper price is not always the case, and can have very negative consequences should your insurance company have to look into who installed your system.  Ensure that you have a qualified heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning technician perform your work, they have the understanding how buildings are to work. 

The Constant Comfort team is growing. We are always looking for service-minded people who have great people skills, and who take pride in their work.Greg has worked in the residential market for 15 years and is focused on doing the right job for the client. These are the same principals that the parent company, HVAC Solutions, was founded on. They are committed to providing quality service to their clients.

At Constant Comfort, we are committed to our customers, offering third-party financing for those jobs that may stretch our customers’ cash flow. As well, we offer three types of maintenance agreements:

  • Our Bronze plan covers us coming out and cleaning and performing maintenance on your furnace for winter start up, and doing the same for your air-conditioner for the summer start up, as well as a 10% rate reduction for any service calls through
  • Our Silver plan offers the same as our Bronze however has a 20% rate reduction on all service calls through out the year.
  • Our Gold plan offers all the above as well as free diagnostics, and free minor repairs (air switch, flame sensor ignitor, thermal couple etc.  all for a low monthly cost.


All Maintenance Agreement customers have priority Service, over non-agreement customers. For more information please feel free top contact us an anytime!

To learn more about Constant Comfort, call 780-743-2223