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Boston Pizza: New Leadership, Same Values

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Boston Pizza in Fort McMurray has been locally owned and operated since 1982. Led by Original Franchisee Linda McKenna who came to Fort McMurray in 1982 to start the franchise, this turned into a family affair. Her son Mark Macdonald joined the team and bought into the business after graduating high school. Now his son Ethan and daughter Ella are following in their father’s footsteps and have also started working while they continue their education.

This year has seen many changes in our community, and amongst those changes are some management changes within Boston Pizza. As Mark and Linda continue to be dedicated to Boston Pizza, we have added the expertise of Victor Wiley and Liz Whitcomb as operating partners. With their strong management skills, they will continue to give our guests the great experiences they have been accustomed to over the last 34 years. More importantly, they will continue to expand the strong community relationships in Fort McMurray.

Victor Wiley was born and raised in this city, and has worked for Boston Pizza for 14 years, becoming an operating partner in 2009. In his new role, he will oversee the complete operations of the Boston pizza Franchise within the community. Liz Whitcomb moved to fort McMurray twelve years ago from New Brunswick and is happy to call Fort McMurray home.  She has worked for Boston Pizza for 12 years and will now take on the role of Executive Director of Operations for both locations.Victor and Liz have worked side by side for more than 10 years at our Timberlea location, and one thing is truly evident, that their goal is to ensure Boston pizza be top of mind in the community.

Boston Pizza has been a strong community member for over 34 years, and with the challenges faced in our region will continue to give back to this great city. We enjoy the relationships we have built with many local businesses, schools, and charitable organizations. This past November we had the pleasure of demonstrating that community commitment by partnering with Boston Pizza FutureProspects to give $80,000 back to the community.  Playfully referred to as Chew for Charity, this was the second annual event that challenges a representative from 12 charities to eat a Signature menu item as fast as possible to earn donations to take back to their charity.  This idea is one of many that Liz and Victor hope to utilize to give back to a city that has given them so much in return.

High on Liz and Victor’s priority list is also providing their staff with a positive and friendly environment. Boston pizza is proud to have team members who have been with us for up to 20 years and to also be the employer of choice for staff looking for their first job. It is a privilege to have the second generation now applying to work in this family operated business with its high ethics.  Our staff is the key to providing each guest with a great experience, be it in the restaurants, or when they order takeout or delivery.

Finally, Liz and Victor want to continue to maintain the emphasis on the guest. Whether it is to meet up to watch your favourite game, a lunch meeting, a place for families to celebrate, or to provide a great meal at your home, your experience is our number one priority. When a guest chooses us as the dining destination, we take this as a compliment and want to ensure we live up to your expectations.

Fort McMurray is a hard-working city, and when people spend their hard-earned money with us, we need to deliver a great experience. At the end of the day seeing happy guests is the greatest reward for our staff and management. It means we have done our jobs right. Today Boston Pizza may look a lot different from when it first opened in 1982, but our goal and beliefs are very much the same. We can promise that we will continue to be locally owned and operated and that our guests experience will be top of mind. We will continue to support the great community of Fort McMurray, a place we are all proud to call home.