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HVAC Solutions focused on...Construction

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HVAC Solutions Ltd. Is one of the leading mechanical companies in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas, offering a wide range of mechanical services to industrial, commercial, and residential markets.
It began as a service-based company, working with building owners and operators to reduce their owning and operating costs associated to their HVAC Equipment.  “As time went on we were requested to get involved in construction,” explains Brad Lucier, president of HVAC Solutions.  “There seemed to be a need for us in this market place as a local contractor.”

Not wanting to dilute or negatively affect service, which was their core business, HVAC Solutions started a construction division, but they recognized that in order to work in this area, they needed to develop a strong Safety Program.

Safety Officer Tim O’Malley heads up the program – an integral part of HVAC Solutions. “In this business, s afety is the name of the game,” Lucier shares.  “We always want our people to get home to their loved ones at the end of a day’s work.”

The construction process begins with a solid quote, something that HVAC Solutions turns to old friends for.

“We continue to utilize the expertise of Jordan Fielder,” explains Lucier. “He was our Operations Manager when he was severely hurt in a motorcycle accident and became paralyzed.  He now lives on Vancouver Island however is still deeply involved with all the quoting aspects of the proposals, and helps to set up the quote once it moves to a job.”

Right from the start there is a team in charge, ensuring that what was bid on is carried out. Project Manager, Alan Paterson, ensures all paperwork is correct, and that the job is running according to budget. Keith Craig, Construction Manager, ensures that the workers on the ground are receiving the support they need, tracking progress to ensure the job is completed on time, and under budget. As Safety Officer, Tim O’Malley then walks through the job and reviews it, ensuring compliance with the HVAC Solutions’ safety program, and the clients’ program requirements as well.  

Retrofitting old equipment is job HVAC Solutions takes on. This is a process of upgrading and installing equipment that has new technology, and tying these systems into the businesses’ existing Building Management System.  

“We also do a large part of sub-contract work for out of town contractors,” says Lucier. 

“Sometimes it’s more economical to have someone local perform start-up and commissioning for various pieces of equipment that they’ve installed on site.”

Green technologies are another focus of HVAC Solutions, something that Lucier says all HVAC contractors must be aware of. “We’re dealing with refrigerant that has an adverse effect on the environment. Those with high chlorine content are being phased out, and being replaced with new types with low chlorine content…however they do have a high greenhouse gas effect,” he explains. “We utilize proper handling procedures through system recovery and evacuation. Any used refrigerant goes back to the manufacturer so that it can be brought back to original specs.”

The licensed and qualified team at HVAC Solutions works together, providing excellent customer service to exceed customers’ needs, completing construction projects on time and within budget. To learn more about what they do, visit