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HVAC Solutions - A Look at...Plumbing

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HVAC Solutions has a team of professionals dedicated to plumbing, a perfect complement to the world of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). These professionals, including department heads Rob Acton and George Barns, are available to assist with all aspects of their clients’ plumbing and heating needs.

Offering a full range of plumbing services for old and new commercial buildings, HVAC handles everything from installation and service, to maintenance and repair. “We currently have 20 technicians dedicated to the city of Fort McMurray,” says Brad Lucier, president of HVAC Solutions.  “This is the division that the company’s foundation was built on: look after town first and foremost.”

Although there is a division that services clients out at site, the two divisions do vastly different work.

“The heating and ventilating side of HVAC Solutions has many maintenance contracts throughout Fort McMurray,” explains Lucier, “and the plumbing service is a natural addition to the services that the company provides.”

Offering a wide variety of services, from line-cameraing, to drain cleaning, to whole-building construction and re-fits, Lucier recalls one particularly memorable project. “We were once called to a building that was completely frozen up. We worked with the owners to replace all of the piping and fixtures in the whole building.”

It’s this philosophy that HVAC Solution is committed to: Reducing owning and operating costs.

“On the plumbing side we always look at the big pictures and ask if there is a better way, so that the same problems don’t crop up time and again,” Lucier says. “This could mean moving a pump on a hot water circulation line to reduce the frequency of leaks.

The team of professionals leverage their knowledge of new technology, expertise in tried and tested methods, and diverse range of traditional products, and utilize these to answer problems and concerns. According to Lucier, though, emergencies are the real time to shine.

“We pride ourselves on having a live answering service. They are in touch with the technicians on call, which is also overseen by management,” explains Lucier. “Therefore, if a call isn’t answered, management gets involved.”

Thanks to the team of extremely dedicated technicians, though, this rarely happens. “This is all about protecting the reputation of the company, and offering the best service possible,” says Lucier.

It’s this commitment that has made HVAC Solutions one of the leading mechanical companies in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. For more information, visit or call 780-792-0800.

HVAC Solutions Ltd. is one of the leading mechanical companies in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas, offering a wide range of mechanical services to Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets. To learn more about what they do, visit