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Fort McMurray Career Centre

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THE INTERVIEW, PART 2: The Face-to-Face Job Interview

Well, well, well - look at you, “Big Shot”. You’ve been following the YMM Magazine Career Centre word-for-word and you’ve landed yourself a face-to-face interview. Excellent! But what’s that? You still need that little bit extra to help increase your confidence? All right, let’s work together and get you through this. Deal?

First-things-first: Remember the last article about how to prepare for a phone interview? Well, a lot of that applies to face-to-face interviews. For a quick refresher, jump back to Volume 1, Issue 3 - Summer 2013 and re-read these applicable sections:

  • Do Your Homework.
  • Why Do You Want To Work Here and Other Questions You Need To Be Prepared For.
  • Get Proper Sleep the Night Before.
  • Dress For Success.
  • Be Early.
  • Smile.
  • Actively Listen. Actively Think.
  • What Questions Do You Have For Them?
  • Thank Your Interviewer.


What’s changed since the last time you spoke with the recruiter/interviewer? Well, you’ve made the shortlist. You, and a few others are being brought in to talk with one, or more, representatives of the organization. They are looking for the best fit possible within their organization and their culture. They’re looking for the right blend of experience, skill, and personality that will make their organization better. They’re looking for you, right?

Expect the questions in this interview to be more direct, detailed, and in-depth. Prepare for these questions, just like you did with the phone interview. Practice answering some of the Top Interview Questions that you found online. The more practice you do, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

The face-to-face interview, or F2F, is very similar in nature to the phone interview - except the interviewers can now see, smell, and touch you. Build on what made you ace your phone interview with these top F2F tips:


{slider=Dressing up.}

While you may have felt funny dressing up for your phone interview, it is an absolute must for the F2F. Make sure your clothes are clean, crisp, and ready to showcase who you truly are. You don’t want your stained or rumpled clothes to compromise your otherwise fantastic first impression.

{/slider} {slider=Body language.}

Remember when you smiled during the phone interview? Continue that in the F2F. If you’re excited, let them see it in your body language. You want your body to be open and responsive to the interviewers - don’t slouch or cross your arms. Lean slightly forward in your seat, make eye contact, smile, be alert, and attentive. Above all, be confident! You made the F2F for a reason, always remember you belong here!



{slider=Yup, they can smell you.}

So make sure you don’t have a tuna and garlic sandwich right before the interview, ok? It’s always a great idea to brush your teeth and check your breath. Also, go easy on the cologne or perfume - or better yet, with many workplaces being allergy friendly these days, maybe skip the cologne and perfume all together. You don’t want to “linger” in the interview room long after you’ve physically left.

{/slider} {slider=No limp fish, ok?>

Typically, F2F interviews begin and end with a handshake, and handshakes can be tricky things, depending upon cultural backgrounds. Some cultures prefer soft, quick handshakes, some cultures prefer firm handshakes that last several seconds, and some don’t shake hands at all. What to do? Well, we all know Fort McMurray is a very multicultural city; however, what we can say is that typically North Americans would expect a firm, tight handshake with eye contact and a smile on your face - not a limp, fish-like handshake. Things may be different with your F2F, but that’s our top tip for you on handshakes.



And the rest is up to you. You made it to the F2F because they saw something in your professional, well-crafted resume. They liked what they heard in your phone interview and now they want to meet you face-to-face. This is your moment to shine.

So take a deep breathe, smile, and believe in yourself. Be the genuine you, because you take you with you to your job - you’re going to do great!

Oh, and like thanking your interviewer after your phone interview, there’s nothing wrong with following up a day or two later with an email thanking your interviewers for their time. It’s a nice way to close out the process.

Have a job hunting or human resources question? Email YMM at and we might print both your question and our answer in a future issue.