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Timeraiser: A Twist on Giving Back

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This silent art auction, volunteer matching fair, and night out on the town is an engaging twist for committed Wood Buffalo volunteers. Rather than bidding money on artwork, participants will bid volunteer hours, and give back to the community they call home.

How Timeraiser Works
Throughout the evening, participants will have the opportunity to network with various social profit organizations in the room to find available skilled volunteer opportunities that meet their needs. Then, the bidding process will begin. Volunteers can also pledge hours to organizations that are not present at the Opening Reception.

Winning bidders will have up to 12 months to complete their pledged time in order to bring the artwork, which has been purchase prior to the event at fair market value from local artists, home as a reminder of their goodwill.

The Artwork
In preparation for this year’s Timeraiser, an open call to artists was distributed on December 14, 2015, to all Wood Buffalo two-dimensional and three-dimensional artists. Once all art submissions have been received, the adjudication committee will begin the task of selecting the artwork for Timeraiser.

Comprised of a representative from the Wood Buffalo Arts Council, MacDonald Island Community Art Gallery, FuseSocial, and a local artist, the adjudication committee will have selected the maximum number of art pieces that could be purchased within the fundraised budget for the 2016 auction. Selection is based on size, value, medium and professionalism.

The art work that is being selected will be a combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces from artists who reside in Wood Buffalo. These will include paintings, photography, multi-media, glass work, handmade jewelry, carvings, and sculptures.

One remarkable element of Timeraiser is that artists are paid at full-market value for their artwork. This means they aren’t required to subsidize the cost or donate their work.

Also unique to Wood Buffalo Timeraiser is that the art will be on exhibit for four weeks at the MacDonald Island Community Art Gallery presented by the Kirschner Family Corporation, and curated by Christina Beckman, the Art Exhibit Coordinator. This is a great opportunity to promote our local artists, and they don’t have to pay to submit their work, or for the gallery space if they’re selected for exhibition.

The Volunteers
The volunteer opportunities that are available depend on each organization’s specific needs. Timeraiser gives organizations the opportunity to recruit for specific volunteer roles. Some examples of previous volunteer opportunities include bookkeepers, board members, consulting professionals, and more. These roles range from long term, to short terms, and even event-driven positions.
Timeraiser is an opportunity for participants to get an idea of what our community’s needs are based on the social profit organization’s programs and services. It also acts as a “one-stop-shop” for those who are interested in continuing their volunteer work, diversifying their volunteer skillset, or even volunteering for the first time.
The Impact
In 2015 alone, 43 pieces of local artwork were purchased for Timeraiser, investing $18,000 into the local art community. The auctioned art raised a total of 3,680 volunteer hours within the Wood Buffalo region. Between 2011 and 2015, Timeraiser has purchased more than $70,000 worth of artwork from local artists – a total of 171 pieces of art purchased through funds generated through sponsorship and fundraising.
Timeraiser is an event that offers a unique way for social profit organizations to socially network with community members. This is a great way to appropriately assign individuals to volunteer positions that best suits their skills and characteristics.
This event also brings awareness to the incredible artistic talent we have here in Wood Buffalo, and gives artists another platform where they can promote and showcase their work.
Timeraiser will be open to 30 social profit organizations this year (up from 20 in 2015), on a first-come-first-serve basis. To register your social profit organization, or to learn more about Timeraiser, visit